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Saturday, January 24, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 1 Reviews: Monique Macasaet

I subscribed to Monique on YouTube back in 2009 after I saw her cover of "This Is Us" by Keyshia Cole.  I'm really happy she agreed to be a guest judge for us.  While your reading her reviews why don't you listen to one of her orginal songs  below. - Spin


Let me just say that I was so amazed by the fact that all of the participants wrote and recorded their songs in a little over a week. That’s pretty amazing. Overall, very creative ways to seduce someone. Oh and FYI it was very difficult to rank these, especially after the 7th or 8th one because there were so many, so don’t focus much on ranking and just give yourself a pat on the back for finishing a whole song in a week. “A” for effort everyone!

1. Kolton H. featuring SpknSpell – Binary Love
Choosing my number one vote was super tough but I had to go with this one because it was so well written! (Plus, who doesn’t love the Spk & Spell?) The lyrics of the song are not only technologically correct, but they are also very well timed. The background beats and voice editing are also perfect with the theme.  Great job Kolton, and SpknSpell.

2. Domingo – Escondidas
What a beautiful voice! I’m such a sucker for great singers and the vocalist is definitely melt-worthy. The translation is also lovely. Only criticism is the piano entrance with the vocals in the chorus are kind of off timing-wise.  Otherwise, pretty song.

3. Brian Gray – Just you and me
The first time I listened to this song I decided that I could totally see this song playing on the radio. I like the “yea the world sucks but we’re gonna do it tonight” message. Music-wise it’s pretty much just a guitar and drums but I think the timing and transitions are well done. Love it, good job.

4. Dr. Lindyke featuring Cherry Pi – date night
This is the only duet entry I believe, and it’s very cute! Very raunchy! I like the use of the dialogues, love the chord progression, and the lyrics are well written. It’s a very wild scenario that’s being depicted here yet the lyrics are just subtle enough that I’m not left feeling violated, so well done. Only bit of advice is the drum cymbals are a tad much in some areas, namely the 2nd verse.

5. Zoe Gray – Make the most of it
I don’t quite know what it is but something just draws me to this song. The instrumentation, chord progression, even the melody line are simple enough but it still lures me! The rhythm of the lyrics as well as the lyrics themselves are very interesting, that might be it. I love the “end of the world let’s have sex” theme as well as the use of the word “zombies”! “I hear the slam of a body bag, so when’s a better time to shag, Skeletons are rotting rather near, but they’re not the only bones in here.” What lyrics! Haha well done.  

6. Mariah Mercedes – As charming as you
This song was honestly my favorite song of the round. The only reason why I didn’t vote it number one is because I didn’t feel like it fit enough with the theme of the round but I really love the song. First off, beautiful voice Mariah Mercedes! Second, love the chord progression, and feel of the song. Lyrics are very cute. Keep writing, I love the song.

7. Emperor Gum – Tianjin
Super cute chord progression, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of the clarinet! In fact, I wish it was utilized more during the verses! If you can find a way to do that, it would make this song that much more magical. I can imagine this song during a montage in a movie! Advice: try to sell it to a movie ASAP ;P

8. Pete Murphy – I wanna get it on with you
Instrumentation for this song is great! Very seductive sounding intro! Good timing during the verses and chorus. I’m not quite sure if I understood some of the lyrics especially in the 2nd verse. You could probably seduce a lady with this song though!

9. Governing Dynamics – Introvert asks to spend the night
Very reminiscence of The Cure! I really like the guitar work and general instrumentation of this song. I also love the title. “When I most value time is when I waste it all with you.” Very cute.

10. James Young – in the dark of the night
Vocal quality is really interesting in this one though I’m sure this particular sound was intended. Don’t get me wrong, it works! I really like the guitar work and instrumentation!

11. Jutze – This could be the night
Very cute guitar intro! I would probably choose a different drumset (if it was done electronically). Lyrics in the first two verses are slightly repetitive so maybe working on those areas would be beneficial.

12. David J – Language of love
French, the language of love! Nice. I really like the guitar solo entrance and at halfway, lovely. The song does a nice job of translating a forbidden love. My ears crave a little more melody in the vocal line though.

13. Adam Sakellarides – All I Wanna Do
I was pleasantly entertained by this song! “Lie on the love seat I will make you scream for more,” great lyric. “Multiple episodes,” funny but the song could function well without it haha. I definitely giggled at the last line!

14. Ominous ride – open your fire
Intro piano line is pretty but the melody is a little too eerie for seduction I think. I like the guitar bits during the second half of the song! There’s a section where the guitar notes don’t fit well with background piano though, I’m not sure if that was intended. I do like the guitar breakdown though. Overall, interesting song.

15. Ross Durand – I wish
Lots of pretty song intros and this one is no exception! Pretty guitarwork. Powerful voice, nice chorus.

16. Dex01 – Get together
Cute song, simple chords and lyrics. I think it would be better if the song verses were longer with a little bit more depth.

17. Jailhouse payback – another line
Is that a harmonica I hear? Very nice. Unique instrumentation, cute melody.

18. The Boffo Yux Dudes – I can’t get enough
What a GREAT BASS VOICE! Very funny lyrics, great instrumentation and background track. Not sure if this would really fly to seduce a woman tho haha. Creative.

19. Edric Haleen – 2-14-11
It will take a very specific well-educated woman to be wooed by this one haha. I applaud the creativity!

20. Taylor Rundell – Make a move
I was initially concerned about the bleeding lip! Eerie voice at first, but I do like the more rock-sounding chorus. Keep it up.

21. Megalodon – Can’t weight
Creative! I think if you play around a little bit more with the drums and other possibly instrumentation for the background track, you might be able to make it sound a little more space-like. “Two hundred and sixty eight mile high club, request reentry because I’m burning up” LOL. Nice.

22. Ben and the angel fish – loves lost
Another pretty piano entrance and transitions. Not bad, but very sad! I don’t know how effective it would be for seducing someone, I’m sure that person would rather give you a big hug! Again, beautiful piano playing.

23. Gorbzilla and the Gorbzookies – first kiss
I really like the intro of this song, especially the feel of the drums. Very soulful singing, great job. The word “ever” appears a little repetitively in the song though. Love the style. Would love to hear your daughter for the next round!

24. Charlie McCarron – if you need romance
Lovely and funny concept, the song just drags a tad bit. The speed would work a bit better if the piano phrases were elongated a little bit.

25. Melissa Leona – Rocking in the waves
Nice piano work, though the vocals are much too quiet. Some intonation issues scattered throughout the song though there are areas of greatness, “Now that you’re mine” line was sung beautifully. I’d start with fixing the tuning of some areas.

26. Ben Taggart – The Story of us
Very pleasant. The word “story” was a bit repetitive and I’m not quite sure if the song would work to get someone “in the mood,” but it is definitely pleasant.

27. The Ken Kesey Fan Club – How to Seduce Women
I actually dropped my jaw the first time I heard this song. I can definitely see the humor that was intended but it can still be construed as offensive to some. Besides the blatant vulgar areas, the song kind of objectifies women, especially in the beginning.

28. Pigfarmer Jr. – Hold you tonight
Cute. Nice guitar work.

29. Dreiviertel Drei – Gag reflex
Melody and bass line are sort of strange and I think I just realized what the song is implying.  Slightly disturbing. Eerie song, creative though.

30. “BucketHat” Bobby – Glad You Came
Hmm, very interesting song. Lyrics are not bad! The production/recording could have been a little better. I like the double meaning in the lyrics.

31. Atom & Ev – tarzan and jane
I honestly went back and forth a ton between making this song my number one vote and not haha. It’s very intriguing. Very, very, creative song but I don’t think it meets the seductive criteria.

32. Army Defense – Sexiest sex
The song starts off okay but becomes problematic when the guitar comes in at around 00:10, followed by the vocals. The timing is quite off. It gets a little bit better during the chorus but still remains slightly off. Just work on the timing a little bit more.

33. Jurek Mika – The Mood For You
This song was another jaw dropper for me (in terms of vulgarity). Above all else though I was thrown off by the huge timing issues with the vocals. Love the bass line though!

34. Red watcher – Hopeless dreamer (shadow)
I wasn’t informed about why this one was a shadow but it’s actually not bad! It is a little too eerie I think to be seductive but I do like the chorus. Sounds like a song out of the 80s.


  1. 'Sort of strange' is a good thing, as far as we are concerned, while 'eerie and disturbing' are the sort of comments we had the last time we were in SpinTunes, so apparently that's just us. Thanks for the review!

  2. Ha! First or worst--that's karma for doing the same thing once when I was guest judging.