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Saturday, January 24, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 1 Reviews: MC Ohm-I

Most of you know MC Ohm-I by now.  He's competed in SpinTunes a couple times now, and he's our current champion!  As our champion he's earned the right to judge you.  Here's some "Angel Confetti" to go along with your judgement. - Spin


I'm going to start off by saying that all off my reviews for this iteration of Spintunes are probably going to be very short. It's super lengthy to explain how I came up with rankings but there IS a method and reasoning. I also tend to use as few words as possible when I'm describing things which seems to be counter-productive of being a judge. If you'd like more constructive feedback on a song, feel free to contact me.

#1 Mariah Mercedes
Oh man. Definitely my favorite song of the round. The harmonies are subtle and well done and the chord progression level is over 9000.  The production level is outstanding but the feel of the song wouldn't be diminished even if it weren't.

#2 Pete Murphy
That intro definitely is very attention grabbing. The whole song kinda reminds of the funk group “Here Come The Mummies”, of whom I am a fan. The whole concept of “I want to get it on with you” is super clear and well supported by the verses.

#3 James Young
This song reminds me of a lot alternative rock bands that used to be on the radio in the early 2000s. It's pretty dope and I feel like there is a specific audience that would experience an increase in adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin (mostly the punk rock/emo/goth kids everyone stared at when they wore Tripp jeans).

#4 Brian Gray
This reminds me of that one band my ex-girlfriend in high school liked. Can't say I remember their name. Definitely has potential for playing on radio, or at least an independent music internet radio station. Very well done.

#5 Kolton H. featuring SpknSpell
This song is definitely targeted to a specific audience and I feel like it would have a very high impact on that audience. This song ranks high for me because not only do I perfectly understand every reference but the innuendos are also well done. The use of a Speak and Spell is very clever.

#6 Ross Durand
Very well produced. The increase of complexity of the instrumentation as well as the addition of harmonies is well timed. The lyrics also infer that you want something to happen that night without actually saying it and I think it accomplishes the task very well.  I, personally, have a hard time with actually imagining poems and verses that invoke imagery but I'm just weird that way; I am sure the imagery works well for everyone else.  

#7 Zoe Gray
I'm not sure what I can legally say about this song. It's pretty dope though.

#8 Melissa Leona
Amazing voice hidden behind what appears to be a poor quality mic; the clipping was well compressed. But since I couldn't care less about mic quality when it comes to judging, this song ranks pretty high to me. There are also harmonies here that I have not heard from any other entry and they are also well done.

#9 Ominous Ride
Voices are a bit too soft and quiet. However, I think that with just a slight increase in volume on vocals and some gain on the compressors for the instrumentals, this song could be a lot more powerful. Overall, this is well done.

#10 Edric Haleen
Like the Kolton H. song, this song would also target a specific audience. I think the concept is great and I think if it wasn't so long I probably would have ranked this higher. Very clever concept. Also, the synth piano chords definitely help the song move along very well.

#11 Domingo
I wanted to rank this song higher but what sounded “cut and paste” in the production deterred me. It was like watching someone try to seduce you with chocolate covered strawberries and then they sneeze. Had it not been for that, this song would have made my top 10 for sure. Everything else about it is great.

#12 Pigfarmer Jr
Although very generic in lyrics, I think it will still was executed well and pretty much makes the point as well as an acoustic guitar and its singer can.

#13 Megalodon
This song threw me off at the beginning because the drums came in as if it was going to be a hard funk piece. However, the song did not disappoint. Well done.

#14 Jailhouse Payback
Something about a love song from a band called “Jailhouse Payback” seemed a bit disconcerting at first. This is one of the cases where the style of music does not appeal to me but the song does well for the style for which it was intended.

#15 Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies
The ratio of song length to lyrics is a bit high but that it not necessarily a bad thing. The instrumentation is well done. I'm not sure if the instrument solo section was necessary. The vocals are pretty great though.

#16 Ben Taggart
Accomplishes the task required very well. I was hoping for more instrumentation somewhere in the song or at least some change in the guitar but like a lot of the entries, it was well done for the parameters you presented.

#17 Dr. Lindyke featuring Cherry Pi
Nice intro. I can't really say the back and forth thing really appeals to me. Although the production doesn't bring this song to its full potential, all that matters is that I can see how the song was intended to sound. Good stuff.

#18 Boffo Yux Dudes
This song has me cracking up from the very beginning. The whole Isaac Hayes feel is pretty great. Also, they say that a way to impress a woman is to make sure you have a clean toilet base (someone said that at some time, I'm sure). The comedic approach to this is well done.

#19 Governing Dynamics
This is probably one of the most upbeat love songs I've ever heard and I'm not quite sure it would invoke any feelings at a candlelit dinner. So I imagined this song in a romantic comedy and it all made sense.

#20 Charlie McCarron
Great choice of chord progressions. I have not heard this one in a long time. I wasn't reading the lyrics when I was listening and I was trying to figure out which program on my laptop was making those sounds. Great comedic timing.

#21 Adam Sakellarides
Felt like you were straining your voice a bit and that was throwing the pitch off. However, I can see what you were going for and that's what matters. I would have taken the song down a step or two. Amazing last line.

#22 Taylor Rundell
I initially had this song ranked way lower but after 2 or 3 listens, I moved it up. It's not bad at all. They key change keeps it interesting snd the hook is memorable.

#23 Emperor Gum
Having a candlelit dinner with someone you can't understand sounds like a comedy waiting to happen. That aside, this was well done.

#24 Jutze
Not entirely the voice matches what the song intends to be.  Could be the style or even just the key of the song. Not bad though.   

#25 David J
Awesome guitar in the intro. Had the french verses had some harmonies, this would have ranked higher. Good job overall though.

#26 Dex01
I'm not sure if a minor 7 progression is the most mood-inducing progression. Pretty generic sounding as far as really lyrics go and nothing really stands out.

#27 Dreiviertel Drei
At first, I was like “what?”. Then at the end, I was confused. I had to google “haggis” because I had no idea what that was. Then I ate some French Toast Crunch to get the idea of what that would taste like off of my tongue. Then I listened again and it all made sense. Clever use of wordplay but I think overall lacks a lot of qualities in both vocal pitch and rhythms that would help rank higher.

#28 Army Defense
I'm not really sure what any of the lyrics mean or imply besides the last four lines of the second verse. Concidentally, I know someone who wrote a song about how biscuits and cheese excites him a certain way; your line made me laugh. Other than that, I was pretty confused about the meaning of anything else.

#29 Atom & EV
I lol'ed.......hard. The whole song was full of lol'ing. Yes, I've used “lol” twice as a verb. A great song comically but I think that's all it really has going for it.

#30 Ben And The Angel Fish
THIS SONG IS SO SAD. I wish this was done with a different tone. Also, I'm not entirely sure this satisfies the requirement given. This song appears to be more about missing someone and eating dinner while thinking of them than actually eating with them and getting them “in the mood”. On the off chance you are singing this song to a corpse sitting at the table, I thought I should inform you that necrophilia is illegal. However, this scenario would satisfy the challenge.

#31 "BucketHat" Bobby
Everything about this track sounds very forced both vocally and instrumentally. Sounds like there was supposed to be a funk influence here but I can't say that I'm really feeling it.

#32 Ken Kesey Fan Club
Well, that is very straightforward. I think the lack of proper production removes the comedy element that you were going for. And while, in most case, I wouldn't let poor production influence my opinion, this song actually gave me a bit of a headache about halfway through.

#33 Jurek Mika
What is this? I can't even.

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  1. Thanks for the review, MC. Always happy to bring new knowledge to our audience! :-)