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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Champions Vs Shadows #1: Profiles

Time to meet your fellow competitors!  I suggest you all test out your links to make sure they are working, and if you notice anything else that's missing or wrong just let me know.  I'll fix them as soon as I can.

(Profile order is based on who sent in their round 1 song first.)


Jenny Katz:  Won the Yale Fiction Prize as a senior (two decades ago) and intended to be a novelist but it turned out songs were the right amount of story.


R1:  Thoughts On Leaving You

R2:  Goodbye For Now (placed 3rd)

Governing Dynamics: Governing Dynamics won Spintunes 5, allegedly.

LinksWebsite - @travisnorris

R1:  Room Stop Spinning

R2:  The Dream Is Winding Down (Lucid) (placed 4th)

Matt And Donna: Matt and Donna didn't know each other growing up, but coincidentally played the same instruments as children: piano and trumpet. After learning this they found they also happen to have a lot of other things in common, and since each deemed the other to be awesome, they got married in 2008. Matt and Donna both have some training in voice and piano but prefer to willfully ignore that training and do whatever they want musically because that's fun.

LinksWebsite - @sh00bs

R1:  Reasons My Kid Is Crying

R2:  Deadline Victim

MC Ohm-I: That random rapper.

LinksWebsite - @mcohmi

R1:  Voted Out Favorite Games (DQ)



Bubba & The Amiable Kraken: Bubba and his new friend The Amiable Kraken are teaming up for the first time to make some music!  Bubba plays a few styles with a few bands.  This is the Kraken's first go round at music making.

LinksWebsite - @WeeklyAwesome

R1:  Bluebird

R2:  Tired Of Counting Down (runner up)

Zoe Gray: Zoe is a 14 year old singer-songwriter hailing from Pennsylvania. She's inspired by the music of the Beatles, the Decemberists, and Marina and the Diamonds, and is in the process of working on her second album, a compilation of dystopian-themed songs of the apocalypse.

LinksWebsite - @OfficialRoadRun - YouTube

R1:  Satisfaction Guaranteed

R2:  4-3-2-1 (Winner)

Hotel Rex: Hotel Rex opened for business at 10:02 pm on July 16, 2015.


R1:  Voted Out Bridge


Jutze: Singing folky pop songs like "I Wish Natalie Portman Was My Neighbour", "The Fault in The Fault in Our Stars" and "It All Makes Sense at the End", Jutze has left marks all over the internet. He's currently busy releasing 52 52-second songs throughout 2015. Jutze is not Edric Haleen. Jutze's real name is Johannes Schult. He lives in Germany and is a fan of Roxette, Richard Shindell, Dar Williams, Governing Dynamics, Blind Guardian, Joe Lamb, statistics and white chocolate.

LinksWebsite - @schult - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out Ballad Of The Emperor (DQ)


James Young: UK-based songwriter and home recording enthusiast. One third of rock bands AvidFan and Good Guy Sôjàbé. SpinTunes 9 finalist.


R1:  Sandcastles

R2:  Deadline Victim

Rob From Amersfoort: Although born one year after their break-up I grew up listening to The Beatles. I like to be creative, that's why I write and record music. I call my music PRIP (post-retro indie-pop); catchy, acoustic-electric slightly psycho/experimental songs with personal lyrics and lots of backing vocals. I don't like dull & boring so that's why most of my songs tend to be short.

LinksWebsite - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out Dream House

R2:  Countdown To Nothing (Shadow)

Brian Gray: If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me.

LinksWebsite - @BrianGrayMusic - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out I'll Do It Myself

R2:  Off The Grid (Shadow)

The Boffo Yux Dudes: Mesmerizing artists of unassailable virtue and prominence. We do fart jokes as well. Since 2009, Allan Morgan and Tom Giarrosso reformed BYD with the thought of them actually being able to see the sunlight once again. In that quest, they failed miserably. Now you get to hear them twang on things in public. Scott Mercer also adds his mirth and merriment as he coordinates the jiggerypokery stuff. Record holder of most shadow songs submitted. We've been in all these damn things!

LinksWebsite - @BoffoYuxDudes - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out My Tiny House Is Too Tiny


Dr. Lindyke:  I'm supposed to give a brief description of myself in 500 CHARACTERS or less. I can do it in two: Dave Leigh & William Hoover. Dave communicates by computer; William by Pony Express and smoke signals. Together I speak in singular first person.

LinksWebsite - @dr_lindyke - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out Day After Day


Pigfarmer Jr: I wrote a song once. I'd like to do it again.


R1:  Voted Out River Of Tears


Trader Jack: Singer songwriter with no food allergies. I can order literally anything.

LinksWebsite - YouTube

R1:  Voted Out Building


Ben Taggart: I'm a software engineer that loves music.  I have decided that I have music to share.  Time will tell if I am right, or if any of it is any good.


R1:  Deadline Victim Building Me (Shadow)


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