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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Champions Vs Shadows #1 Round 2 Reviews: Joe "Covenant" Lamb

Judging this round was very difficult...
Mainly because I don’t think anyone met the challenge particularly well.
(I should note – just because you have a ticking sound going on somewhere doesn’t automatically mean it sounds like a countdown)

Anyway - In descending order:

Jenny Katz:
Not getting *countdown* from this at all.
But it’s a wonderful song. Well played, great lyric, produced very well and vocals are wondrous.
Clear winner.

Rob From Amersfoort (Shadow):
The melody of this and the music at least gives a hint of a countdown. (The falling progression)
Lyric, not so much. But it did sound countdown-y.. sort of...

The next three were pretty close together.

Governing Dynamics:
Not getting countdown at all. Song is pretty groovy, a lot more confident vocal by Travis (I’m assuming?)
But conversely the guitar solo sounded hesitant, which was a bit of a surprise.

Zoe Gray:
Didn;t feel like a countdown. Lyrically I think I can see what it was trying to do, but it didn’t do it for me.
(Maybe I *am* too old!) Smile  Really a shame about the ukelele... (I can’t stand ukelele’s – some of you may know this!) )
Overall production was very, very good. But the song didn’t grab me.

Bubba & The Amiable Kraken:
No countdown here for me.
Can I be frank? The lyric to this was really weak.
Musically, it’s fine (Like the harmonies) but doesn;t hold much replay value for me.

Brian Gray (Shadow):
The intro to this did not set up the melody that followed it.
There is a slight fall to the melody which remotely hints at the countdown aspect – but the structure reminds me of someone trying to do JoCo. If this had been in the challenge proper, I would have placed it slap in the middle... (Yeah, in the middle of six.. YOU work it out!!)

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