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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Champions Vs Shadows #1 Round 2 Reviews: Cherry Pi

These are late. But maybe it can be like when an apple and an orange are expected in the same bowl at the same time. You get good fruit salad if you pop in the right banana at a good point in time. Right? Ok! Grape!
BTW, because all these entries were first place worthy--even shadows.

Sorry about those teenage boys. Ugh. I'd recommend selecting an older vintage of fella from the dating pool but you probably wouldn't be able to get your father to play xylophone on your tunes anymore because he would be hiding in the bushes waiting for your geriatric zombie dates! A well constructed, finely produced tune with thoughtful lyrics! Start a Grey-Label!

I had this dream once that I was tied to a tree. There were bears riding tricycles and a woman with flaming hair serving me drinks. I walked right out of that bar because the band certainly can't play like you kittens can and didn't have half your chemistry. If I could lucid dream, I'd go to the Florida Keys.

This song has already been passed along by Dude Companion to some Responsible Collegiate Parents within my circle of friends. Combined with my own feelings of warmth and fondness for a couple grown up podlings and my appreciation for your skill at fine barding, this tune hits me in the feel-stones. Oooof.

there's something about this time shifty-shift that makes me think of the classics. Probably because you're using some antiques in your production (YuxYux, #drumfill). But all us elderly know a thing or 3 (2, 1..) about quality...and this was so catchy! You pulled out some studio gold this round- a real top dog in a crop of tasty cream. Crushed the competition with your cha-cha. This song rules.


All I'm going to say besides that listening to your material this contest has been a joy and a delight is that if you listen to 'Countdown to Nothing' backwards while the people in the next hotel room are {EDIT}knitting a sweater{EDIT} then it'll make you need to {EDIT}eat a ham sandwich{EDIT}.

too bad this isn't official. This is my favorite and even edged out the officials which was hard because it was hard to edge out catchy by being weird. You were odd AND catchy. And yes, this was very .... Star Turtle-y in a lot of ways. But so very much YOU. :) And you know it pleased the Pi! :)

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