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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Competitor Reviews

Reviews Posted Elsewhere:
- Dave Leigh of Dr. Lindyke posted reviews.

Reviews From Rob From Amersfoort:
They are are all good songs, it is difficult to rate them. But based on how they fulfil the assignment this is my ranking:

Bubba & The Amiable Kraken - Tired Of Counting Down
There is clear counting going on. Joyful song. The music does not really imply a count down, but the other songs are missing that as well I think.

Zoe Gray - 4?-?3?-?2?-?1
Great lyrics; especially the last lines of verse 2 and 3 (“I’m still young enough to…”)! I appreciate the sparse instrumentation (reminds me of Fiona Apple).

Jenny Katz - Goodbye For Now
Poetic lyrics, beautiful song, great vocal! The small guitar bits work out very well.

Governing Dynamics - The Dream Is Winding Down (Lucid)
Another good song, love the guitar solo!

As a said before they are all good songs, but based on the countdown intensity Bubba is my winner with Zoe a close second.

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