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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Listening Party & Deadline News

Listening Party Details
- Wednesday August 11th 8:00PM EST (that's today people)

- Will be held HERE, and hosted by Jules.

- The songs are already uploaded onto the Bandcamp album, and they will be available for everyone to hear & down for FREE shortly after the LP.

Deadline News:
- Both of the finalist made the deadline, so it will be Kevin Savino-Riker vs Ross Durand in the final round.

- The first & second alternate, along with 4 others, shadowed this round. They won't be ranked this round, but they will contribute to making the LP a lot more fun.

- There were also 3 shadows turned in for past rounds. Those will also be shared at the LP.

- If you are one of the original people to sign up for this contest, you will be allowed to vote to decide the winner of SpinTunes. You also need to have contributed 1 song since this contest started. More details will be posted after the LP.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty excited and honored to be in these finals. I can't believe I have to wait five days, but perhaps we'll all know after the listening party tonight. ;-)

    Do I understand correctly that we have an all Orange County final?