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Sunday, August 1, 2010

SpinTunes #1: Round 4 Challenge

Musical Road Trip - Write a song using at least three different ethnic styles. The music from each of the three parts of the song should give the listeners a mental image of a place or group of people from a certain area. (at least 30 seconds each style) (3 minute minimum)

Examples: Latin - Bollywood - Cajun - Reggae

- It is very possible that someone who was eliminated in round 3 will be needed as an alternate if Kevin or Ross fail to enter a song. Kevin & Ross don't look like Molly Lewis, but you never know. :p (Song Fu JOKE)

- The judges do NOT get to pick the winner of this final round. Everyone who originally signed up for this contest, who ALSO submitted at least 1 song (shadows included) will get to vote on who wins. Some people entered as teams or bands (Godz Poodlz for example), and those bands will only get 1 vote...not 1 vote for each member. If bandmates disagree on who they should vote for, how they decide to cast that 1 vote is up to them. If it's just 2 people, their votes would cancel out anyways.

So again...you have to be one of the 31 original people who signed up if you want to vote, and you need to have submitted at least 1 song to the contest. (shadows count) Those of you who are planning to shadow, but haven't...get them turned in by the round 4 deadline if you want to vote. It'll be done via e-mail, and more details will be posted after the round 4 deadline.

Submitting Entries:
- Entries must be received by the given deadline. Otherwise it'll be posted as a shadow. Received means that it has to appear in my e-mail inbox by the given deadline. I will be going by the time stamp on the e-mail in my inbox.

- Song must be sent in MP3 format. If possible send it in a format that Bandcamp excepts as well. (.aiff, .wav or .flac) If you don't, I'll convert it for upload onto Bandcamp myself. Don't complain if my converter sucks & your music suffers though. If you decide to send in that second file, you can find the specific requirements for Bandcamp files HERE.

- Name the MP3 the song's title, but without spaces & punctuation.

- Title of the e-mail should be the title of the Challenge & your band's name.

- Include the song lyrics in the body of the e-mail. (If your song doesn't have lyrics...consider yourself eliminated. Instrumentals can be pretty, but SpinTunes does require lyrics.)

- Include information on anyone that needs credited if you collabed with someone.

- File sharing options if you need them: ZShare, MediaFire, RapidShare & YouSendIt. Please send an e-mail as I already stated, but with the download link if you need one of these services. Please follow directions so your file doesn't wind up in my spam or trash folder accidentally.

Short Term Schedule: (I'm using EST)

August 10th 11:59PM (T) - Final deadline.

August 11th 8:00PM (W) - Listening party will be held HERE, and hosted by Jules.

August 12th (R) - Songs are uploaded by Heather & me onto the blog & BandCamp.

*During this gap:
- People will vote via e-mail
- judges will review the songs*

August 16th (M) - Winner will be announced.


  1. Neat challenge. A question/clarification. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but best to be safe.

    "... at least three different ethnic styles. The music from each of the three parts of the song..."

    The second sentence seems to suggest that the song will definitively have three parts. But it would be at least three parts, possibly more, right?

  2. 3 is the minimum you have to use, but you can use more. If you use more, only 3 of them HAVE to be used for at least 30 seconds.

    Any more questions from anyone, just ask.