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Monday, August 16, 2010

SpinTunes #1 Round 4 Review: Joe "Covenant" Lamb

I have decided that I cannot allow my rank to be in any way decisive in this round.
(Not that I think it will as no doubt the other methiods will FAR outsway the judges having to be used)
One song did not meet the techinical part of the challenge:
For the *topic* part, well, I can see that bent til it is screaming and accept it, but the Tech side has to be stringent.

Sadly, one of the songs did not meet that challenge.
Sadly, I thought that was the better song.
Therefore I cannot give my *rank* to any of them.
For the same reason I'd rather not review them either.

"Hi! I'm the anti-climax!"

;' )

Good luck to all in SP2.

Shadows (in the order of Bandcamp)

JoAnn Abbott:
Much better recording. Much better sound.
Great lyric, good puns.
But not the best of your songs this contest.
I *think* I can hear three different tunes, but not sure what the second style is?
Sound like another *Surf* style to me?

Caleb Hines:
Not a big fan of Meta songs to be honest.
Bad quality recording from Caleb unusually,
Distinct styles, a bit racist though.
("White folk can't keep the beat !??!") ; ' )
Was it good? Musically, yes it was, impecable as always.
Would I listen again... No. I really dont like Meta songs!

The Offhand Band:
If this had been IN the final it would have won.
(In my opinion)
The best from the Offhand Band this entire contest.
Song lends itself to the singing, Clever song, good styles.
Lyric relates to the music and ALSO carried through the song... Liked it a lot.

The Boffo Yux Dudes:
This was a bit disjointed.
Theme was good, lyric was okay. Singing in the accent of minorities.. is that okay?? ;' )
But... did it meet the challenge...
Welll.. thats an odd one to answer.
Indian section 24 seconds long without the chorus... and the chorus was the same tune, just with a sitar. instead... is that a style???
The Chinese section was only 26 secs long even with chorus (Which WAS def Chinese style)
French style... again... the verse def. french. chorus-same tune but with accordian.. is that French style?
Too much to think about to decide! ;' )

Dr. Lindyke & Denise Hudson:
Great to hear a well mixed Denise! ;' )
Oddly, Dave was a bit muffled.
Excellent song, but far too long.
Should have ended at the section where Lady Liberty starts to suggest being turning to the Villian side.
(The *have my cake and eat it too* bit - Which was my favourite part of the song)
Clever song, but, Ultimately, too many styles (trying to be *too* clever). Meant the flow was lost.
(Jamaica? No she did it of her own free will)
One of those drunken voices was excellent btw...

Best line?
"Cos it's HOT and it's Boooorriiiinnnnng"

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  1. Joe- the first was based on New England whaling chantys, the second on New Orleans style Zydeco (an accordion would have REALLY helped here), the final was done after listening to the Beach boys for 2 hours for that southern California feel. I had to get it done 3 days before deadline before we left for camping though, so will see if I can get some real musicians to do some background guitar or fiddle or concertina. Now I have the new set up I want to re-record everything, dropping stuff that bugged folks based on the feedback I got.
    Anybody wanna help? Will grovel for music! Or will send cookies if you want...