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Monday, August 16, 2010

SpinTunes #1 Round 4 Review: Julia Sherred

Kevin Savino-Riker - "Lovers, Fighters, Survivors"

Overall, this song didn't work for me. I liked the music as seperate pieces. I liked the concept. But I don't think the execusion worked as nicely as it could of. The spoken word fell flat on me and the lyrics were a tad soft. I realize this narrative style is a very valid genre for certain types of folk, but it didn't work for me in this piece. The transitions were rough as well. I don't suppose I needed to be so detailed with my review as it won't count for anything other than information. I hope that you take it as it is intended, to help you grow. It was a very good attempt none the less.

Ross Durand - "That Sweet Smile"

It is too bad that you didn't meet either of the time requirements. I would have placed this song first if it had. Such a wonderful song. I really like your style. And the transitions were so very nice and smooth. I hope that you enter Spintunes 2 because I want to hear more from you. Excellent job.


I will not be reviewing the shadows this time. If you (meaning the person who wrote the song) want my feedback on your song, then email me and I will get to them when I can.

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