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Monday, November 8, 2010

Round 3 LP & Deadline News

Congrats to all 12 people still in the contest, EVERYONE managed to turn in a song for round 3. There will be 8 people eliminated by the judges before the round 4 challenge is announced.

I have finished uploading the 12 entries, and so far have 5 shadows uploaded as well.

The only bad news is that the Art Contest isn't going to work out. Only had 1 entry, and it was late. So that entry was DQed & it wins by default. LOL

Listening Party:
It will be hosted by me at the following address: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spintunes

I posted a playlist that includes song lyrics, but it will be deleted after the LP.

It will officially start at 8PM Cincinnati time, (check the counter) TODAY. I will probably start broadcasting a little early just to make sure everything is set up & ready, but won't start the SpinTunes songs until 8PM. All songs will be available for FREE listen & download shortly after the LP.

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  1. My shadow song is completed: see


    But that's not why I'm posting here -- I'm posting here to invite any creative folks to contribute a video for it. A cheesy animated video (also Creative Commons-licensed) would be a FANTASTIC addition to this song.

    The only caveat is that there is always the risk of a takedown notice. It would probably be riskier, intellectual property-wise, to use any actual images or animation from the original show than to draw new images that take off on the original style.

    The song itself uses some very brief samples, and they are technically not cleared. I think this use, and the use of the character names and scenario, probably qualifies as fair use on the grounds that the song extends the original premise into a parody of the original. But just keep in mind that this is a legal "gray area" and fair use exceptions to copyright are general guidelines, not rock-solid rules.