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Monday, November 29, 2010

SpinTunes #2 Round 4 Review: Zack Scott

Hey everyone! I have mixed feelings about this round. I love video games, and I consider myself quite the gamer. However, I've been told that the judge's reviews probably won't matter this round, so I had a hard time being motivated to write the reviews. Nevertheless, now that I've found the time, I'm excited to hear the songs and what you guys came up with. Due to my procrastination, my time is wearing thin, so I will only be writing reviews for the four main songs. I did like a few of the shadows better than the main entries though. I will say that the entries were all fairly strong, but I wish the main entries had a bit more variety.

Mitchell Adam Johnston (In Another Castle) - Right off the bat, I knew I'd like this song. I love how the music incorporates Super Mario Brothers 8-bit sounds and in an original composition. I really love how the warp pipe effect syncs with the first "I'm so alive." I think the song also did a good job of capturing how the Princess might actually feel.

Zarni De Wet (The Bleeding Effect) - I have no idea why it ends with a long stretch of silence, but I'm actually glad the song was shorter than I thought. It was a nice song, but I feel it didn't benefit from the nostalgia that Johnston employed.

Chris Cogott (In Bright Falls) - This is perhaps the most literal entry of the group. It's about the Alan Wake, a game I grew frustrated with. However, in the past, I've mentioned how Cogott often walked the fine line of rock I liked and didn't like. This time, it happened to fall on the side I don't particularly care for. Still, I enjoyed listening to the song.

Rebecca Brickley (Where I Am) - I feel this song did the best job of turning the perspective of a character into a song that could be enjoyed by anyone regardless if they are a gaming fan or not. However, when it comes to the overall song, I enjoyed it the least.

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