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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SpinTunes #2 Round 4 Review: Sara Parsons

I'm very happy to have Sara (a former competitor) return to give feedback as a guest judge.  I've respected her work in Masters Of Song Fu, SpinTunes & on YouTube.  She's always welcome around these parts.


Zarni De Wet - The Bleeding Effect
Your chord progression is super dark and lovely, and your voice is plenty easy to listen to, all stuff I’m sure you’re used to hearing. I really enjoyed the build into the second minute, well executed. As far as the challenge goes, you obviously met it. You did a really nice job of telling the story. I guess I just felt like things were just kind of left hanging, like I wanted to hear a resolution, or a bit more development of what your character is up against. A pretty tune, but it left me wanting more.

Mitchell Adam Johnson - In Another Castle
This song is painfully catchy in the best possible way. Brilliant use of sampling. I mean, seriously. I’m struggling to really review this one because I’m enjoying it so much, so, good job there. Perhaps it’s just my limited knowledge of video games in general, but this one was the most clear to me in terms of the character and the situation without the blatant mentioning of the character’s name. The development of your story is clear and fun and the whole thing just makes me laugh and smile and feel like a huge dork. But that’s a good thing.

Rebecca Brickley - Where I Am
I really enjoyed the groove you had going on here. It’s pretty danceable. I do feel, however, that the lyrics showed you trying rather indelicately to get the context to show through. The chorus works well, but the verses seem to say the same thing without any real growth throughout the song. I found it a bit repetitive towards the end. I feel like I got it after the first two minutes. Perhaps if you had just gone a little bit farther with the concept... It’s still a really fun tune, though, one that I enjoyed listening to. Good job!

Chris Cogott - In Bright Falls
This sounded like a cross between Nirvana, Weird Al, and The Beach Boys. I don’t know, maybe that’s your thing, but whatever it is, I really liked it. I really liked your backing vocals too ohmygosh! As a self-professed non-expert in video games, I really appreciated your mentioning of your character. And you did it in a way that wasn’t particularly awkward, at least not to me. You used rhyme to your advantage and you used it well. Everything seemed kind of seamless and it just made sense, which is important. I just wish there were more to it. I felt like I was just starting to get into it when it ended. I could have used a bridge, or maybe even another verse. But still, I really enjoyed this one as well.

(Shadow review may be added later.)

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