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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SpinTunes #2 Round 4 Review: Glen Phillips

Rebecca Brickley - Where I Am

What’s up with the poor recording? Is there not a proper mix to come? I think you’re a great singer. However I think you’re over-singing this song. On the other hand you’re really selling a sub-par song. You get props for selling it, but this is just not a strong song. “Catch me if you can” yikes. Cliché’ salad lyrics are rather annoying. You’re a good player, and a great singer, I find your writing hit and miss. This one is a big miss for me. You’re my 4th favorite.

Mitchell Adam Johnson - In Another Castle

Pop yummy candy! The female vocals are excellent! I love the beat and the video game noises! The production is awesome! Yeah I love this song! The 2:06 running time is perfect for this song. The melody is super catchy. I wouldn’t mind at all if this won. The horn blasts are tasty. It’s all so very tasteful and delicious! You may have played it too safe and not been ambitious enough to rise above 3rd place for me. This is a keeper! Great job!

Zarni De Wet - The Bleeding Effect

Holy Crap! Beautiful and dramatic! I couldn’t care less about the lyrics, but at least they don’t bother me at all. Your voice is amazing! Your delivery is top notch! The prominent piano is flawless and dynamic! Great playing! The drums are a good idea; you could have done better on the drum tone. I like the synth string accents a lot! They really mood up and embellish the song! I don’t like the fade out. I would’ve liked you to nail an ending. I assume the minute plus of silence is a mistake. I’m assuming you’ll win based on the poll. This isn’t a bad thing. You’ve submitted 3 awesome songs and one misguided one. You’re a star, you’re going to be far more famous in the future than you are now. Deservedly so. Great job! Good song! My 2nd favorite!

Chris Cogott - In Bright Falls

In my world, in my view, in my humble opinion, this hasn’t been much of a contest. Chris has again blown away the competition. I will find it somewhat disturbing if Chris doesn’t get this title. Were the criteria to be based on having the most music in one’s submissions Chris wins hands down. Not only does he consistently have very good lyrics, but he’s got the best drums, the best bass lines, awesome keys (Zarni has the best keys skillz), the best song structures, the catchiest riffs, by far the best guitar playing, and for me the best songs. This song belongs right up there with the other 3. The organ and the bass really make this thing groove! I love Chris’s vocals too! Chris Cogott does it again. This is my favorite song of the batch!

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