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Saturday, November 13, 2010

SpinTunes #2 Round 3 Review: Andy Rehfeldt

We are very lucky to have a professional (Grammy winning) musician as the round 3 guest judge. Andy Rehfeldt is a TV, movie & commercial composer as well as being a studio musician. He recently gained some internet fame with his amazing dub videos on YouTube. If you want to know more about Andy, I'll include links to his sites & a couple videos at the bottom of the page. Now on to his reviews!


I'd like to start out by saying that, in my opinion, all these songwriters are great. When I was asked to be a judge, I thought, "Sure that'll will be easy". But as it turns out, I kind of feel like Paula Abdul here. So, with that said, here is what I wrote.

Governing Dynamics (Los Alamos) - This song reminded me of Peter Gabriel at the beginning, very cool. It started dragging for me toward the end. I thought the lyrics were great.

Inverse T. Clown (I Have A Leap) - It sounds like a TV show theme. I was missing a memorable chorus on this one.

Charlie McCarron (Queen Of Heart) - I thought this song was very clever and thoughtful. I liked all the chord changes, and the lyrics really made it go somewhere.

Ryan Ruff Smith (The Driver 'Dallas, 1963') - Well the guitar playing and singing were great, with very cool chords. Some of the lyrics seemed weird to me ("holy head ever blooming rosy") and there was too much of the static sample at the end.

Edric Haleen (I Was There) - Sign this guy up for a Broadway score. It was well written and dramatic. Nice low piano chords.

Ross Durand (Ivan Vaughan) - The lyrics were great and the chorus was really catchy. Only problem was that I've heard those chord changes so many times before.

Chris Cogott (Final Flight) - I really liked this one. The lyrics were great and the melody and chords were awesome.

Mitchell Adam Johnson (Pictures Of Love) - That was extremely well written. I can tell that the author has studied the music of the Beatles. Very cool.

Steve Durand (Cuban Missile Mambo) - I thought this song was very entertaining and the lyrics were great. It reminded me of a song for a kid's movie.

Rebecca Brickley (Oh Mercy) - I loved the chorus. The lyrics really told the story. I wished that the vocals were louder in the mix.

Zarni DeWet (Eric) - I've heard the 1 to the 4 progression so much that it's starting to irritate. I thought the lyrics were great, and the chorus worked really well. But the sad and serious vibe was too much for me.

Gweebol (She Said, As She Handed The Telephone) - I thought verses were great. The choruses sounded like a bridge was added each time.

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Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)
This Metallica dub is Andy's most viewed video on YouTube, but there's A LOT more on his channel.

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