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Saturday, March 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 4 Reviews: The Dreamstalks

1. Dance All Night by Pete Murphy - THIS is a song we want to dance to while we are getting ready for a night out on the town. It's SO catchy and fun. It syncs up perfectly with the video and we love that you took an approach away from a musical theater-y song (which seems a little obvious given the material).

2. Dance! by Edric Haleen - You took a real musical theater approach here. As kids who started out doing musical theater we definitely appreciate this. We like that you make a real commitment toward this style of music. You ending is spot on. The build up was so enjoyable and charming. Nice piano.

3. Brand New by Ross Durand - We thought the song was cute and it fits with the dancing/video. Very jazzy and keeps up with the tone and style of the dancer. The story seems a little too spot on with the dancing though. We would have loved to hear more than just the repeating lyrics of what the dancer is performing. We liked your choice of this sultry, jazz club style.

4. Smooth by Zoe Gray - We liked that you made a solid choice in rapping but felt it didn't match with the style of the dance. You were right it making "Smooth" the theme of your song but we would have loved to hear that your voice. The dancers moves are fluid and light. Rapping is more grounded and heavy and pointed. You have an amazing voice and we were hoping for something a bit more sultry and jazzy.

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