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Saturday, March 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 4 Reviews: Jana Pochop

1. Smooth by Zoe Gray

You killed it!  These lyrics are so great - charming, smart, funny!  Fits perfectly with the video as well.  I love that you clearly put a lot of effort into the lyrics which sometimes, pop/dance music forgets to focus on.  Just  nit-pick, the bridge lost me a little bit - maybe just a little more work on the harmony part or mixing those vocals together a bit better.  Think of even more dynamics there, too - have the shaker drop out for a measure or something like that.  Overall, loved this.

2. Dance All Night by Pete Murphy

Love this.  As a pop fiend this is resonating with me - meaning making me want to move!  The lyrics do a great job of tracking the video -  words like "slide" and "glide" are perfect here.  Mixed well, all of the components work with each other.  This sounds like a super pro track - great job.  There's not a thing I would change here.

3. Dance! by Edric Haleen

Great use of the dancer's motion to bring out really great dynamics in your song as well as using it to lead your lyrics.  The throat clearing at 1:10 is an ultimate win! Overall this makes me want to go see the Glenn Miller Orchestra or the like play - it's got a swagger to it...maybe a little more swagger than the guy on the screen.  Great tune!

4. Brand New by Ross Durand

Wonderful - I can really tell that you wrote lyrics to correspond spot on with the dance, I loved seeing that play out.  For some reason in some of the spots it seemed like the track dragged a little bit in comparison with the dancer...maybe it was vibe, or actual tempo - but I wanted a little more OOMPH to it in places.  Really stellar job at putting this guy's moves in context, though.

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