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Saturday, March 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 4 Reviews: Rusty Cage

Pete Murphy:
You fit the video awesomely.  It felt natural watching the dance and hearing your song.  Your lyrical play describing what the dancer was doing as it was happening gives the impression that the dance was made FOR this song, rather than vice versa.  Very catchy and well executed!

Zoe Gray:
This was a huge change from everything I’ve heard from you so far.  I am very impressed by your rap skills.  It is always a difficult challenge mixing more hiphop style vocals with non rap style music,  but you did that perfectly.  There was so much energy in this song.  Truly worthy of a coordinated dance.

Ross Durand:
Wow man!  The dynamics of this song are so spot on with the dancer.  Every move was emphasized and made more powerful by your use of timing.  Hearing/watching this is like watching The Wizard of Oz along with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album, except without doubting whether it ACTUALLY synced up.  Im very curious as to what instrument made that horn sound at 1:37.  I’m glad you stayed away from the cheesy synths.  Great work my friend!

Edric Haleen:
Your talent for writing musicals once again is utilized perfectly for this challenge.  The entire feel of the dance changed when hearing your song behind it.  Instead of just a dance choreographed to fit music, this became a whole broadway show.  I could easily imagine the dancer singing the lyrics through out the performance.  There is so much dynamic variation in this song, its impossible not to be entertained by this. Reading through your song bio I see that the tempo was not consistent,  that adds a whole new scope to this challenge. This is incredible work.

This was a hard one to judge.  I based my ranking on how well the songs fit the feel of the video rather than my own personal preference for the song, stand alone:
1. Edric Haleen
2. Ross Durand
3. Pete Murphy
4. Zoe Gray

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  1. Rusy Cage asked:"Im very curious as to what instrument made that horn sound at 1:37."

    That would be a trumpet, well, technically this was a cornet.