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Saturday, March 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 4 Reviews: MC Ohm-I

What I love most about the submissions for this challenge is that they're all so different. I was honestly concerned that all the tracks would sound too similar in style or tempo but that clearly is not the case at all. Good job by everyone! I seriously wish I could have just given everyone 1st place. This ranking was pretty hard.

1) Pete Murphy

YO. This is so dope. It suddenly reminded me I need to download the most recent Here Come The Mummies album. Everything about this song is amazing. The harmonies and backgrounds are super on point. The instrumentation is amazing. The arrangement is amazing. This song is definitely one that I'll find myself randomly singing while working or something.

2) Edric Haleen

I definitely did not expect anyone to write the song based on the accentuated movements of the dancer but if anyone could do it, it's definitely you. This is so well arranged musically and it looks like the dance was made specifically for this song. Everyone knows you have amazing arranging skills and those show in every second of the video. I didn't rank this number one but if I could have given multiple people one spot, you'd be there.

3) Ross Durand

This was pretty cool in a lot of ways. Using the dancer's motions in lyrics (like shouting from the mountain tops and “whispering” to you) was well-executed. The arrangement was pretty great and the near-perfect audio/video sync helped keep the picture and imagery intact. This submission is not bad in the least but I feel like the other songs that I ranked higher were marginally better. This was a great track!

4) Zoe Gray

You know what's really weird? When I saw what the challenge was gonna be, I tried to figure out how I would approach this because I don't think my style of rapping would work very well for this at all. I didn't expect a rap track at all for this round, especially from someone who does mostly acoustic work. Anyway, this track is super well done and you made this work. Definitely one of the top (and most surprising) songs I've heard from you in the few SpinTunes I've been around. The ONLY reason I ranked this last was because the other songs felt like they were written specifically for the dance (as in, they referenced motions and managed tempo changes). Unfortunately, hip hop is one of the lesser dynamically expressive styles so constant tempo changes were pretty much unreasonable to expect. But this was beyond great anyway.

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