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Saturday, March 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 4 Reviews: John D. Boswell

John is the man behind the video series "Symphony Of Science".  This series blends music & science in a way that inspires, educates & uplifts.  I've been playing his track "Seize The Day" on repeat a lot lately.  It's not in the "Symphony Of Science" series, but it's a very uplifting & catchy tribute to Robin Williams.  You should listen to the video below as you read his reviews.

- Spin


1st: Dance All Night by Pete Murphy
This excellent entry was, in my opinion, the best of the bunch.  The sync between video and audio was solid, but the songwriting was what really clinched this entry as the winner in my view.  Loved the energy in the chorus and the instrument variety.  Well done!

2nd: Brand New by Ross Durand
I loved this entry for the near perfect synchronization to the dance. The genre also fit the video very well; nice work giving the music a broadway number feel. Besides some slightly messy timing, a fantastic accompaniment for the video.

3rd: Dance by Edric Haleen
Awesome job with the songwriting and arrangement, and the sync to the dance was almost impeccable. The only thing holding this entry back is the MIDI sound of some of the instruments in the recording.  Would sound fantastic with a proper big band backing. Nice work! 

4th: Smooth by Zoe Gray
Really liked the groove of this entry and the vibe of the vocals.  Had a good laugh at the lyrics as well.  Could use a little more variety in the songwriting, but other than that, no real faults with this one.  Awesomeness!

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