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Saturday, February 13, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 2 Reviews: Kally O'Mally

Ellie Sparrow - Bathe in Media
3 Lovely voice, on the right track, needs more differentiation between sections. 13

Edrick Haleen - My dear Wife
5 I love it, straight off to broadway with you. 2

Jailhouse Payback - Watching Lockdown
5 Love it, solid production, sometimes the movement to the chorus sounds a touch abrupt. Overall, really good! 1

Megalodon - Exact Change
5 Fun funny, great production, love the change sound... Nice changes. 4

Governing Dynamics - Ireland Delay
4 Good song, hilarious... great production. 5

Ominous Ride - Cheap Wine
4 I want to hear the voice louder in the verses. Good lyrics, not so sure about the flute. great harmonies and vocal work. 6

Ross Durand - Uh Oh!
3 really good production value and nice guitar work! 12

James Young - Love Actually
3 Nice bass work and and production, funny lyrics but I feel like they could be delivered better, maybe more compression. 11

Rob From Amersfoort - Girls In Leggings
3 I feel like you're locked in a midi studio imprisoned by girls in leggings, fun and funny. Nice work! 9

Pigfarmer Jr - I like Porn
3 If you were a local band in a big college town this would be your hit, develop your verse melody and phrasing more. 10

Emporer Gum - Electricity
2 Nice heavy production, keep developing the voice and phrasing and work with the effects to see how to bring it out more. 15

Buckethat Bobby - Ode to the Internet
2 Good song, good turnarounds, I like the instrumentation, more vocal compression, you're onto something! 14

Mark Humble - Secret Desire
5 I know someone who will love this.. Strong production. 3

Jon Eric - Candy Cigarette
4 nice production and good song but too many chorus repititions detract. 7

Adam Sakellarides - Guilty Pleasure
2 funny and good separation between sections. Nice harmonies. 16

Glen Raphael - Cadbury Shanty
3 good lyrics and lots of them, nice lilt on your voice, funny. I can see the folks in the coffee house singing along. Nice work. 8

Brian Gray - Building an Orc Army
2 I like this alot. You're on the right path, keep playing with the production... good stuff. Shadow


  1. Thanks for the comments, Kally!

    (I sent it to everyone else . . . since apparently Candy Crush isn't NEARLY as ubiquitous a presence in this group as I figured it might be . . . so I'll give it to you, too. Just in case... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sfCoTMxXQI )


    1. I'm addicted to several varieties of candy crush but I turned off the built-in music a few minutes in and left it off - I'd rather listen to podcasts or literally ANYTHING else while playing it.