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Saturday, February 13, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 2 Reviews: Miray

Searching through BandCamp I stumbled onto Miray.  I listened to a few tracks & loved her song "Colourblind".  Ended up buying a copy & decided to see if she would be interested in guest judging a round of SpinTunes.  While you're sifting through the reviews below, I'd suggest listening to the embedded song as well.

- Spin


Just wanted to note here is that most of these “songs” pretty much sounded like some commercial jingle rather than a song to be honest so I’m ranking it based on less literal-commercial jingle-esque to more relatable, tastefully written artistry.

#1 Cheap Wine 
Solid format, relatable, the list of drinks at the end was a nice touch
Catchy and not overly specific. The intro catches the listeners attention.
Overall the song was most likeable and very much fits well with the theme. Well done!

But side note: On the contrary I would say expensive wine would be my guilty pleasure…just saying…

#2 Building an Orc Army
The verses are very rhythmic and melody is very catchy throughout the entire track. I can see this being in a viral video with equally catchy visuals. I can imagine some nerds liking this (including some friends of mine) Young kids would love this.

#3 Glen Raphael | Cadbury 
Hilarious. It's got that traditional Keltic/folk vibe to it but when you listen to the lyrics it's very much modern like "Amazon.com"
But because it's very specific I can see this in a TV commercial for Cadbury...Maybe if it was more generalized like "chocolate" that would have been better and expand the audience demographic.

#4 Candy Cigarette
Very cute. But the title should maybe be changed because it seems to be less prominent in the track. Title of the song perhaps should be "your so sweet!"

#5 Lockdown 
Cool. The harmony is well put together, unlike other tracks I heard it sounds more like a "song" that's less product commercially (if that's a word). The lead to Chorus

#6 Exact Change
My mom does this all the time and it annoys the hell out of me. So I wouldn't say I can relate to this song but the writer definitely wrote something…niche. A little too niche more me though.

#7 Ireland Delay
I like the title. I think they could have used the title more often and use less words. Just simplify things more and let the audience do the guessing work. Like Ireland Delay ay ay ay ay ~~~ (repeat)

#8 Ode to Internet
Sounds like “Under the Sea” lol
The Ukulele sound and hand clap is very cheesy but it’s very commercially appealing (for commercials). It’s like a song you hear on a comedy skit.
But sonically got that commercial vibe thats very “current”. It’s easy to listen to.

#9 Secret Desire
I’m not an expert in this genre but the chorus is very clear and the bridge was cute. Didn’t really get it though but that’s just me (lol).Melody needs to be more clear.

#10 Love Actually
I think I saw this movie long time ago but don’t remember much so for those who never saw or have any interest in this movie whatsoever (like myself) quickly lose interest. I really wouldn’t call this a song. It’s like a trailer? The flow is cool but the context altogether is a little to niche and too many actor names. It’s like more so a comedy song to be brutally honest. a joke. (sorry but I couldn’t listen to the whole thing…)

#11 Guilty pleasure
Reminds of the Juicy Fruit commercial song.

#12 My Dear Wife. 
I would change the title first. this song is more like a script for a musical.

#13 Uh Oh
I think kids would like this. The Chorus line. like Raffi’s baby beluga.
(I think he can be the next Raffi. That’s where I was going at.)

#14 Electricity
The title needs to be used as a main ingredient here but it seems like I can’t really find it…Melody needs work.

#15 Bathe in Media
Need to work on melody and the flow is not there…words are hardly memorable its just way too descriptive. Too much focus on the theme and trying too hard get the message across was probably the problem here.

#16 leggings 
Again, very poorly written song. Too many same words like “Leggings” and it just sounds…creepy.

#17: “I like Porn”
….ya…no sorry I just don’t think this is artistically tasteful whatsoever. Surprised that this made it to 2nd round. lol Tell this dude to be a comedian…I’m just slightly offended here.

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