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Saturday, February 27, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 3 Reviews: Rachel Clark

Governing Dynamics - Wax Wings
Fantastic use of the music/ guitar riff to pull the listener in to (and through) the song. The vocal harmonies were also a nice addition with the build-up, to the instrumental drop; I felt this gave the song the space it needed and still kept me intrigued. It lost my attention a little at the 5min mark as it is quite a long song but did pull me back in with the music at 5:15.

Ross Durand - Sympathy For Hades
The music really took me visually into the world of Hades, well-crafted lyrically. Very well written first person perspective – Track has a lot of potential.

Megalodon – Cassandra
Very Catchy, particularly good hook – You have strong word choices and creative use of Rhyme.
The music was very fun and upbeat which was quite peculiar with the lyrical content – An overall enjoyable track.

Ominous Ride - Sisyphus
Good use of style/ music to set the mood; Lyrical content and music complimented each other nicely. Set the scene and story well. The voices through the conversation were also clearly portrayed and solidified the story. Overall, a crafty and entertaining track.

Mark Humble – Waiting for Persephone
Beautiful melody and use of harmonies – I felt this track was lyrically and musically a very poignant song – Set the scene of waiting and longing in a very beautiful and romanticised way.

Jailhouse Payback - The Story Of Xenu And The Revolt In The Stars
This track was a very fun and enjoyable country song. Quirky choice of topic but captured the story and told it really well; both with the musical choices and the vivid story-telling within the lyrics.

James Young – Unbound
The driving guitar in the space between lyrics gave this song a strong feel.  The lyrics in the third verse were particularly strong/ well-written. This song had a great (and rocky) feel that crafted a very visual image of the fallen diety bound in chains.

Emperor Gum – Pyramus
Lyrics are beautiful and well-written but the melodic choices of the vocals were sometimes slightly off with the music. The musical composition itself was quite intriguing

Edric Haleen - Is That Too Much To Ask? (An appeal To The American People)
Very strong voice and theatrical presentation but the story didn’t really resonate clearly; While the lyrics allow us to know who the character portrayed IS the character of Jesus – being written from the first person perspective it tells a story but does not encapsulate that figure in history  as they are represented in history – I felt it was more about this person in modern day society than a story of an ancient figure in history . Still a strong/well-written song

Rob From Amersfoort - Pygmalion & Galatea
Lyrically quite simple but well said from the perspective of Pygmalion and his drive behind the art he created. Some nice musical choices and changes.

Glen Raphael – Elisha the Prophet
I enjoyed the catchy repetition of “Elisha was a prophet” without it being a chorus – Though, when using a catchy repetition with the name of the song (about an ancient figure)– I would double-check how to pronounce Elisha.


  1. Thanks Rachel, it is always nice to be near the top of at least one list :-)

  2. On behalf of Glen Raphael:

  3. I used the preferred Latin pronunciation of the name (as per Dave's link, it's the first thing that comes up). There are at least three ways to say it and in a biblical context it appears the long "i" Is the more common of the three but by no means the only option. So my guess is that Rachel's preferred version is eh-LYE-sha, not eh-LEE-sha.

    I'm a little bummed that something so trivial to fix seems to have knocked me out of the competition.

    I get that Elisha and Elijah are supposed to use similar sounds but even still...

  4. Hmph. After more investigation I am utterly stumped. Rachel: how DO you think elisha ought to be pronounced? I keep finding stuff like this that includes plausible argument (including some from Hebrew and Greek sources) for something approximating what I used: http://www.catholic-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?9276-Pronunciation-of-Elisha

    In Hebrew, Elijah is pronounced a bit like "ayy lee yah who"; since Elisha is Elijah's kid it should be the same "Eli" as that - if I'm right about this, then it must be either the "sha" or...maybe a syllable emphasis thing? Please help me out here - I like this song, hope to put a version of it on my next album so if there IS a definitively better way to say the name than how I did I'd like to fix it in the studio version. Thanks!