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Saturday, February 27, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 3 Reviews: Kally O'Mally

Eric Hadeen - Is it too much to ask
Again, great talent ‐ great key changes and job overall…great vocal delivery/ you should be writing for musicals

Glen Raphael - Elisha was a prophet
Nice work, good writing and delivery. The vox needs more development which take this from good to almost great.

Emporer Gum - Pyrasmus
Nice opening and good idea, keep working on those vocals.

Jailhouse Payback - Xenu
Good writing, funny topic choice and you do it well.

Megalodon - Cassandra
Good lyrics, love the hook, What's the point of knowing what tomorrow may bring If nobody's listening, excellent lead guitar

Ross Durand - Sympathy for Hades
nice guitar sounds and lyrics and progressions

Rob from Amersfoot - Pygmalion & Galatea
good topic but I feel like the sections are kind of fractured which prevents it from having continuity.

Governing Dynamics - Wax Wings
Strong production, nice descents and instrumental sections, the pitchiness of the vocal can be a bit distracting and don't let your instrumental lines
become a form a mental masturbation

Mark Humble - Waiting for Persephone
I feel like this has potential if you keep working on the melody. It feels a little chunky and it should flow like water through a creek, with less effort.
Great lyrics and sort of like a fairy tale

James Young - Unbound
Good section breakdown and nice transitions. This could grow into something strong…

Ominous Ride - Sisyaphus
Love the harmonies and tough subject matter done really well.

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