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Saturday, March 1, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 2 Review: Katharina Bordet

1. Ross Durand - Sometimes 02:57
The third 10 things I have about you song. But also the best one. Great vocals and thoroughly enjoyed the song.

2. Edric Haleen - Born Of Hate 03:23
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Whenever he'll show his first musical, I'll be there. There are so many things about this I am not going to say other than it's a fantastic song and I can see the stage and setup in front of me. Very strong.

3. Jenny Katz - Voodoo Doll 03:24
Nice bit of singing, love the plain guitar. The subdued way of bringing across the hate in the beginning was almost stronger than the more powerful bit in the end. I can't say I don't get it.

4. Adam Sakellarides - Damn You 02:56
I can appreciate that you have the same problem as most men of our generation. Go complain to my husband about that who is lucky he came with the accent and the deerstalker. Enough about me. HOW DARE YOU!!

5. Governing Dynamics - Trump Card 04:37
Dark and twisted - I love it! Sounds a bit like it Came off the American Psycho soundtrack. Not completely convinced about the transistion but overall, a really good song.

6. Caravan Ray - Disdain In The Refrain 02:20
I laughed out loud. There is not a line in this song I cannot relate to. It's the most fun hate song I've ever heard. I think I might have to make this my ringtone for certain people.

7. Ryan M. Brewer - Fear [Of Failure] And [Self] Loathing In Las Vegas 03:57
Great production overall and a really good song but the lyrics weren't as on point as I would have liked them to be. It was a bit as if they aimed to make me care but then someone nudged them and they missed.

8. Dr. Lindyke - I Hate Myself For Loving You 03:18
10 Things I hate about you, grown-up version. Recording quality of the vocals wasn't very good, sounded very muffled and a bit echo-y, pitchy recording in places too. Good singing though. The quality of the instruments was much better. Despite the technical flaws, I really enjoyed the song.

9. Jutze - I Hate You 02:16
I thought it was actually quite fun - enjoyed the music a lot - not too sure about the death metal-esque singing though. Loved the instrumental bit in the end.

10. James Young - I Hate You 03:38
Another 10 things I hate about you song. Clever lyrics though and well done.

11. TurboShandy - Stoic 02:30
Live-music counting. Sweet. All in all a sweet song, without much hating going on throughout. It felt almost as if it would have fitted better in Round 1. Either way the song left me not caring.

12. T.C. Elliott - You Cheated On Me (And Now I Hate You) 02:09
The title alone is quite cliché. The lyrics continued along the same lines. There was also not a lot of variation in the lyrics so it started to become repetitive and boring very quickly. The music only emphasised that process.

13. Jailhouse Payback - Clippedcorners 04:14
The voice was a bit over-engineered, i would have preferred a cleaner recording of it. The song left me not caring because it felt too random in its train of thought.

14. Felix Frost - Steely 03:09
I'm back in the circus. Slowly getting worried there might be a clown. There are random beats in the background which don't seem to fit with the melody. I ended up having to read the lyrics along because the music took over my head and not in a good was. Not my cup of tea.

15. Zoe Gray - Black With You 02:46
Creepy doll in the garden of an English estate. The singing is a bit too pitchy in places, and I'm not sure if it's the recording or some notes are just too high. The melody isn't doing it for me either because it also sounds a bit like a carneval or circus.

16. Sara Parsons - Who Am I Kidding? 03:07
Nice song and nice singing, but there is nothing in it that gets across hate. More despair. Only for that reason, I'll have to grade it down.

17. Brian Gray - Stupid Face 02:28
Nice song but I don't hate everyone I think is or looks stupid. That would take up too much energy. Sounds a bit like a miss to me.

18. Army Defense - What Can I Do 02:35
All over the place. I think I hate the song more than the song hates anything.


19. Heather Miller - You Make Me (Shadow) 02:55
Really nice song which was better than a lot of the competing ones.

20. T.C. Elliott - The Kitchen Table (Shadow) 02:28
Take the cliché from above, mix profantities in, stick it in the fridge for an hour and out comes this song.

21. Menage a Tune - Wevenge (Shadow) 02:32
I can relate to the hunter and the lawyer who counts the number of infringed trademarks.

22. Boffo Yux Dudes - Suitcase Full of Hate (Shadow) 02:28
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Half an eye on the lyrics, the rhymes deserved a constantly raised eyebrow but a decent song overall.

23. @suspiciousden - to dust (Shadow) 02:45
Creepy stuff. Fantastic song!

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