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Saturday, March 29, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 4 Review: David Ritter

Edric Haleen - I Wanna Go Dancing —— 4th Place
A different Edric this is.  Hmmm?  The song structure and melody is nice - I like.  Where this falls short, unfortunately, is the mix.  The vocals are placed in a really exposed place in the mix.  There are a couple of intonation  problems which surprised me, with this being the final round and all.  I figured that the vocal take would be polished enough to see your reflection.  Overall, the mix sounded thin to me.  
This makes me sad because I’m a fan of Edric now.  I’m not sure why things were different.  If you feel like letting me know Edric, I am curious.  I’m not trying to be mean in any way - please know that.  Like I said - I’m a fan now.
Jenny Katz - Clear ———  1st Place
Absolutely lovely guitar.  The tone, the playing, the everything.  Wow.  Your voice comes in…. beautiful singing.  Excellent.  I’ll admit I’ve been having some hormone problems lately but - this makes me feel the pain… Your song makes me feel like crying (the good crying of course).  Your vocal tone is like crystal.  Those harmonies - Right on.  Wow.  You totally blew me away with this song.
Jutze - The Bleeding Dragon —— 3rd Place
I have a soft spot for the Irish Whistle.  Now… what you did with your vocal doubling and… what is that… That is working for you BIG TIME.  If you don’t mind - let me know what you did there.  It is really working for you. I love this song.  Happy happy happy song…. with the pain pain pain in the lyrics.  I love how you did that. Great job Jutze.  Great job.
Ryan M. Brewer - Christ Speaks —— 2nd Place
Another flawless, beautifully executed vocal performance Ryan. Nice xylophone! This song is very very nice.  Your lyrics - very powerful.  The acoustic tone on the guitars are superb.  “It is finished” at the end - very nice. There are many fine things you have in this song.  Your songwriting on this one was great.  Great job Ryan.

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  1. Thanks, David!

    Yeah -- I'm not sure why the mix is a little off. Sounded great in my headphones. Sounds fine in my car. But it gets really unbalanced towards the treble in Bandcamp on my computer. Don't know why. And Garageband always exports things quieter overall than other people seem to get from whatever they're using.

    But as for Heather? I was and am extremely grateful that she helped me out. I'm someone who doesn't believe in Autotune or pitch correction at all, and that may be far more atypical in songs like this than the songs I usually write. So if I did Heather a disservice in the mixing of this song, I apologize to her and take the blame onto myself.

    But I'm glad you liked the song, mix aside, and I'm happy to hear you call yourself a fan. Thanks so much for all the work you did as a judge for SpinTunes. Getting feedback is FAR more exciting than just getings rankings or points or whatever. Cheers!