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Saturday, March 29, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 4 Reviews: Daniel Calwell

Ryan M. Brewer - Christ Speaks
I didn’t think you could do better than your song from the last round. I was wrong. This was great. I absolutely love your voice, and the power behind it. You are an artist. Great job.

Jenny Katz - Clear
This is my favorite song of yours. I really, really, really enjoyed it. I wish I had more constructive things to say, but I really couldn’t come up with anything. It was just incredibly well done.

Edric Haleen - I Wanna Go Dancing
Another great song, Edric. The lyrics and the mood of the song were excellent. I really enjoyed Heather’s performance for the most part. However, I did feel as though the singing was a bit weak at some points. You nailed the theme, and the energy along with the lyrics made up for any issues. Nice work.

Jutze - The Bleeding Dragon
This was a very fun tune. It made me want to drink a flagon of mead and dance on a table. It took me a few listens to understand what was really going on in the song. Once I figured it out, I was a little grossed out, but also very entertained. Good work.

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