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Saturday, March 15, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 3 Review: Katharina Bordet

1. Edric Haleen - A Brave New World 02:58
Edric and Ryan seem to be two sides of the same coin this round, so it’s really hard for me to pick my favourite of the two. Both managed to get a message across and not just rely on random nonsense. At first, I wanted put Edric second because I felt lectured. Then I remembered that that was the other point of the challenge so he’d have to win it for me… That I really enjoy his music and singing is no secret anymore.

2. Ryan M. Brewer - Jesus Christ's Biographer Gives A Guest Lecture 04:43
Without listening to the lyrics it would be, again, a song I’d listen to. Not only did he take the challenge very well, he also managed to squeeze a message in. The only critique if any is that it ended up being a bit on the long side for so much message. But overall I enjoyed it a lot.

3. Dr. Lindyke - A Historical Account Of The Life And Accomplishments Of Abraham Lincoln Of Which Every Word Is True I Swear 05:35
I think that song might make it into one of Edric’s musicals, if only the 2CD live version and not the buffed up studio soundtrack version. I am thinking of that not-Disney Moses movie and it would work quite well. Good bit of singing again, the electric guitar brought out the exciting bit of the movie where the hero runs into battle and… anyway, very well done.

4. Jenny Katz - Liars Cheats And Weasels 03:16
Really well sung, quite fun and quirky. Enjoyed it a lot.

5. Jutze - Banjo (Rejected Wikipedia Edit) 02:09
Also quite nuts and well played - I really enjoyed the banjo solo in the middle.

6. Governing Dynamics featuring @suspiciousden - Because 04:11
That was quite a sweet song until it turned into Indiana Jones 4. But only in the lyrics. And I know that was the point so it’s not a negative. Also not sure if he’s trying to play the Theremin or stepped on a cat’s tail.

7. Adam Sakellarides - Why The Sky Is Blue 02:23
Another decent song that fit the challenge but left me a bit ‚meh‘. I cannot fault anything about the recording or singing only that it’s again not my cup of coffee.

8. Ross Durand - How To Write A Hit Song 02:55
This song was a bit all over the place. It was like he was trying to prove his point with his awkward how-(not)-tos by actually doing these things. It didn’t really work out well for me.

9. Jailhouse Payback - Maritime Archaeology 03:07
I have a hard time pinpointing what bothered me about the song. It felt a bit repetitive which might have been due to the melody and rhythm as well as the very straight rhymes. Somehow left me a bit not caring, even though I know that’s not an explanation other than taste.

10. Zoe Gray - The Truth About Homeschooling 02:46
I guess if I knew more about homeschooling I might get the message, but since it’s really unknown here, I didn’t. The recording of the singing was pitchy (again?) so I was having a bit of a hard time listening to it.

11. Felix Frost - Cloudy 04:01
I am sure all the information is wrong in there because it is really just thrown together words and phrases. The music sounds like from a computer game I’m too young to have played. Even though I know these are all subjective things, I really didn’t like the song.

I am refraining from judging the shadows cause one makes me want to break my headphones and the other sounds as if they were already broken.

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