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Saturday, March 15, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 3 Review: Joe "Covenant" Lamb

DAMN you people!
This one is HARD!!!
Okay -  for the first time ever I have had to listen to the songs twice.
Because I simply could NOT find my top four without a second run.
You guys are, for the most part, separated by decimal pointage
So... here we go... best first:
(Jebus... am I gonna need a THIRD listen through??)
1)  Ryan M Brewer: Superb. A great song, very well sung, amazing imagery. And right up until the end had me thinking... "where's the misinformation?" when the realisation falls on you. Best line? Right close to the end"....WATCHING kids in a candy store..." very poignant.
2)  Ross Durrand: Okay.... I am STRETCHING the definition of 'misleading’ here because frankly, I don't think this song IS misleading. It is played deliberately badly (or IS it!?) and sung similarly.. but that adds to its charm, however, irony is not misleading. Everything Ross says during this song is true. how it is performed is irrelevant to the definition of misleading... BUT I then thought... maybe it is the MUSIC that is misleading!? Has Ross, in an Haleen-Like twist redefined the definition?? Does the challenge say the LYRIC must be misleading?? (Nope) SO it is the MUSIC that is mis-leading! It doesn’t SOUND like the singer knows what he is talking about because it *sounds* weird and NOT hit-like at all... (But then - it IS because it is a great song.. so IS it misleading... AAAUUGHHH!!!!!!!) (And then, is the fact that I am tying myself in knots mean ‘I’ am being misled??!! BY MYSELF!?) Brilliant song... Rappy-Rap-Rap. "KAZOO SOLO!" (Stealing my schtick!)
Okay, it gets even harder here.... JUST edging into third...
3)  Edric Haleen: Tom Lehrer lives. Witty, clever, biting, pithy, acid. Is this misleading? Not if you are a fundie! Just as well I am not! Musically it's a bit predictable thanks to the style, but the use of dischordants right alongside the classic music-hall riffs is bliss. Best line? The LAST line... so very cleverly done!
Man... there are about 5 tracks SO close together here... in the end I have to give it to:
4)  Jutze: I loved this track. SO damned catchy, beautifully presented, the germanic professor sound was great - and the total LACK of Banjo sealed this for me. Love it. Best Line? "Scottish invention due to lack of strings"
OKay.. the rest of you guys.... the tiniest fractions separated:
5) Jenny Katz: Way cool song - bit of a problem with the misinformation as everything she sung was actually true. (And of course named me as first judge!) Minus points for calling Zoe Gray "nearly 53" - she turned 54 last year. Well played, excellently sung, great presentation. Just pipped by the above.
6)  Governing Dynamics: Superb. Slowly peels away the layers to reach the 'misleading' part and then runs with it... (Too stupid caveman had me laughing aloud!) Clever lyric, dry humour and a stand-out chorus "It was aaaaalllleeeeYINS" ("YyyyyyEP!)
7)  Zoe Gray: Our resident Time Lord drops by with a nice quirky number- a bit too niche for me as homeschooling isn't too well known in the UK. Maybe everything she is singing is true? I dunno!? Played and sung well, clever and jaunty. Just edged out more on techinical grounds. Best line? "No-one... EVER!"
8)  Felix Frost: Another great song, very very good musically. Tip of the hat to they might be giants, but too much like them for me to hear anything but them. To me, tripped itself up trying to be 'too' lyrically gettingmanywordsintoasingleline sometimes. Great Line "Every mitochondria...."
9) Dr Lyndike: Too long or too slow. I get what this was trying to be, but it was hard going to listen to for it to get there. LOVE the idea of Lincoln and Moses being mixed up, but I felt half of this could easily have been left out and the rest tightened up. Musically ambitious, some nice instrumentation (and Backing Vocals! W.M.M. )and perfectly presented bluesy number... but the kind of bluesy number that I don't switch on to, sadly. Best line "Fuelled by Lincoln's ire..."
10) Jailhouse Payback: I do have a problem with this one. It's not really academically presented, and I don’t think it is misleading. The characters IN the song are *misled* but that’s not the same thing... If this is not DQ'd - 8th place for me. A solid song, just didn't have the hook of the others. felt a little pedestrian,, but also had overtones of Big Country which helped it up a bit. Couldn't pick out a favourite line in this- which kinda fits the overall feel of the song. (Sorry)
11) Adam Sakellarides: Fun, bouncy, but a little clunky lyrically. Nothing whatsoever wrong with this song, but it's tiny tiny things that have separated the 'bottom' seven, and a clunky lyric is enough to but this track here... (which is sad, cos a song that references “Alice...” should be top of my lists!)
Wow... guys and gals - this has been so difficult.
I always feel I need to distance myself from the previous rounds (and previous competitions) etc etc for all artists, and NOT make any judgments based on progression from previous rounds, or differences in style/content etc.... And it was hard not to comment on those things for this round because EVERYONE was so close to having a place in the top four... On a personal level - I think everyone brought great stuff to the table... to those who miss out this round - it will suck hugely because SOMEONE has to go out... I'm sorry it was you.
1) Trader Jack - Too difficult to listen to because of the PTS PTS PTS going on all the way through it. Which is a shame because it sounded quite interesting otherwise.
2) Jo - Don't do a-capella. It is ruining any crack at a song you are doing this with. But this one was too out there to hold my attention. I totally get you are looking to be quirky and adventuristic with the song, but your voice just doesn’t portray it well enough. If you could multi-track, your vocals, or even pick from several takes, it ‘might’ make a HUGE difference... but- solo voice, "live",  isn't working for you. I'm sorry m'dear. :-(

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