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Saturday, March 15, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 3 Review: David Ritter

Hi everyone.  It’s me.  Ok.  Maybe this challenge was somewhat difficult for you this round.  I get it.  It’s hard to write under pressure.  You’ve made it through some rounds and you’re getting weary.  
Let me help you - Now is the time for all great men and women of SpinTunes to come to the aid of the musically depressed, the ones who just need inspiration in an already uninspired world, the ones who listen to make their brain pump out more feel good chemicals, the ones who look up to you, and finally - those who aspire to do what you do.
I know you can do it.
Ryan M. Brewer - Jesus Christ’s Biographer Gives a Guest Lecture
Man your vocals are super-powered.  The guitars are tight.  I love rhythmic chords at the end of those phrases - yes, you know which ones I mean. — 5
Felix Frost- Cloudy
I found that my head was bobbing during this one.  I wasn’t sure about the instruments at first but it grew on me. Nice ending. —4.7
Jutze - Banjo (Rejected Wikipedia Edit)
Hypnotic voice.  Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic.  Yee Haw! Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic.  — 4.6
Edric Haleen - A Brave New World
Edric, You are a living musical.  —4.6
Ross Durand - How to Write a Hit Song
I wrote a big long thing about being confused about the intonation problems.  Then I deleted it because I realized it was all on purpose.  Genius. —4.5
Jenny Katz - Liars Cheats And Weasels
LOL. Well done with slipping everyone in the contest.  —4.5
Zoe Gray - The Truth About Homeschooling
I’m writing this review in pajamas.  Coincidence? No.  Why?  …Because I wasn’t homeschooled.  Cute little song.  —4.2
Governing Dynamics featuring @suspicousden - Because
Tom Cruise loves this song long time.  Nice spacey vibe accomplished. —4.1
Jailhouse Payback - Maritime Archaeology
Copious. —4
Dr. Lindyke - A Historical Account Of The Life And Accomplishments Of Abraham Lincoln Of Which Every Word is True I Swear.
I loved the intro.  Rhythm Guitar is out of tune :-(  —4.0
Adam Sakellarides - Why the Sky is Blue —3.9
The bad news: 
I don’t hear any Bass guitar in this…. is it in there?  Mix-wise: It sounds pretty thin.  Adding another guitar in the mix and then left and right panning would help.  Maybe stick a hint of synth in there to fill it out.  Your vocals are pitchy and the harmonies are as well.  Some of the words could maybe use some tweaking to feel less forced to fit in there…. that’s a difficult thing to do.
The good news:
It’s a catchy little tune.  Your melody is nice and the vibe of the instruments along with the timbre of your vocals go along very well.  Keep improving- you are getting there.
Trader Jack - FreeYourCredit.com (M.A.C.D.)
Hands down the best song out of the bunch.

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