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Monday, February 16, 2015

Round 3 LP & Deadline News

For now you should know:
- There are 17 official entries on the album & 1 shadow. (unless some come in while I sleep)
- I think I responded to all e-mails (eventually).
- The listening party will be hosted by Tom on U-Stream tonight at 8PM EST.
- There will be at least 1 surprise during the LP... #NoHints
- Point value for 1st place is again 33 this round, but with a 1.94 point difference for each place.
- Sammy Kablam's "Negative Reinforcement" videos are still going to be done, but he's having to buy a new computer first.  So they'll be coming out after the contest is over at some point. I'll of course link to them on Twitter & in the Facebook group when that happens.

Listening Party Location: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spintunes

Deadline Eliminations: 8 people missed the deadline.
"BucketHat" Bobby - Melissa Leona - Domingo - Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies - Emperor Gum - Ben And The Angel Fish - David J. - Army Defense

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