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Saturday, February 21, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 3 Reviews: Rusty Cage

Pete Murphy:
Very impressive length to your verses.  It definitely fit the challenge by being a run on sentence without seeming forced. Instrumentally It fits the lyrical style.  I always appreciate the production value and complexity of the songs you put out. The style of your vocals reminds me a lot of Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan. Excellent work making this an entertaining song to listen to. 

Governing Dynamics:
This is a grammatically challenging theme to judge.  I see how the lyrics were written, but there were definitely isolated sentences that were passed off as run-ons without actually being so. I sound like a fucking cheeseball even making this type of judgement. Instrumentally: It was a tight production.  Very soothing sounding.  I feel a faster paced song would help drill in that run-on theme.  

Jurek Mika:
You know how to make a run on sentence with your monotonous sounding vocals and themes of shit eating, cock sucking and whore killing.   This was like babbling of a schizophrenic sex addict.  The constant driving instrumentals pushed the runoff theme further home.  Good Jurb Jurek. I liked this one.  

Edric Haleen:
I hope that you did that all in one breath. The lyrics are very smart and creatively placed, all while maintaining the run-on sentence theme.  Your background in writing for theater was very apparent.  This could easily be an episode of School House Rocks.  Instrumentally, the staccato piano complimented the quick vocal rhythm perfectly.  This has me judging my own grammar.  Excellent job!

Jailhouse Payback:
It was interesting how you managed to sing the lyrics in a way that they didn’t sound like a run-on sentence, but reading along I could see that they were in fact fitting of the challenge. I was really looking forward to that second sentence to explain why you felt like an eternal being who knows all the answers.  I guess we will never know the truth…  all in all, Well executed.  

I wouldn’t say any of these are really run-on sentences, at least in a non songwriting, and more grammatical sense.  This song was really catchy though with an entertaining theme.  It must be heartbreaking knowing that despite all the grandiose accomplishments of the German people, the simple english pronunciation of a pathetic rodent can be so tongue tying.  I can’t pronounce liebe/leben.  I enjoyed this song.

Dr. Lindyke:
The way your vocal rhythm rolled, it sounded very much like run-on sentences, though, It seemed forced at times.  I enjoyed your acoustic instrumental and harmonica performance.  

Zoe Gray:
I am a big fan of your voice and guitar playing.  It is very stripped down and raw, which is a style I can always appreciate.  It allows the focus to rely on the lyrics rather than distract with an overbearing production.  You met the run-on sentence theme tastefully.  At times It seemed like the sentence could have ended, but you kept it going without it seeming forced. Beautiful song. 

Atom & EV:
I liked the song as a whole as I am HUGE believer in every single one of these conspiracies.  Even up to Paul McCartney being a fraud of the original.  Though this was more of a list verses a run-on sentence, it did well by continuously moving from one line to the next.  Perhaps a bit monotonous, but very much in the style of Subterranean Homesick Blues as you had referenced in the beginning.  I would not be surprised if this revealing song ended with you being pulled into a black SUV and never heard from again. 

Adam Sakellarides:
Your use of “talk” singing was an excellent choice to fulfill the run-on theme.  These sentences seemed very natural to the way a lot of people actually talk, with its speedy delivery and rambling characteristics.  The chorus was a catchy break, which I quite enjoyed.  This reminded me a lot of a Weird Al song from my childhood.  Great work my friend!

Ross Durand:
Your use of delivering the lyrics through a flow of sporadic ramblings very much fit the challenge in a way that made it seem like this was off the top of the head.  I was glad to see that you tied this style of vocal delivery and lyrics into a traditional “my lover has gone away” type of song.  “Nothing makes sense at all since you’ve been gone”  was well placed.  Instrumentally, this was very catchy, cheery, and cohesive with your lyrics.  

The Boffo Yux Dudes:
Though I liked your lethargic singing style and backing instrumentals (very gospel sounding), It seemed like you used a grammatical poetic license as a way to mask the lyrics as run-on sentences, despite them feeling more like individual ideas/statements ending in a comma instead of a period.  Which they would be normally.  It was nice to listen to, but it didn’t necessarily feel that it met the theme of the challenge. 

James Young:
I like your lyrics as a stand alone entity.  This challenge is a hard one to judge because of how closely lyrical stylings can resemble run-on sentences without actually being one.  I think your vocal style of keeping a constant pace helped to drive the idea of a run-on. 

Kolton H:
That was a very insightful and self analyzing run-on sentence. And very lengthy as well.  I enjoyed the cognitive introspection while pertaining to the theme.  The song itself was kinda redundant and boring, I mean, I like your music, but I wasn’t as into this one instrumentally.  You did a great job meeting the theme.  

You executed a very unique vocal method.  Kinda free flowing and never repeating, which resembles a rambling run-on sentence. It was a bit hard to follow at times.  

Charlie McCarron:
This was my favorite song from this challenge.  After analyzing all these songs to see how well they fit the run-on sentence theme, I feared that by the time I got back to this one (which I had listened to prior to judging) it wouldn’t fit the challenge.  I am glad to see that relistening, there are definitely run-on sentences, just so well placed that it seems natural.  This as a song was very entertaining.  Narwhales do exist, but they shouldn’t. 

Dreiviertel Drei:
Did you just invent the term homosocksual? Thats badass!  You write some entertaining songs for sure.  Great use of run-on sentences.  I’m a closeted homosocksual so this song is very empowering.

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