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Saturday, February 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 2 Reviews: Rusty Cage

Juke Mika:  This was very messy.  I thought the beat really set a spooky mood, but this time the off time vocals really took away from the song.  It was hard to get through the full 5:33.

Zoe Gray:  The overall sound isn’t very horror sounding.  The lyrics make up for it in the chorus, which was very catchy by the way.  I do think though that the lyrics could have been more direct to the horror theme and leave less to the interpretation of the listener.

Pete Murphy:  Oh man, this is definitely spooky.  The instrument choices are right on point with the horror theme.  I’m very impressed by the chord progression as well, it switches flawlessly from major to minor, leaving an unsettling feeling.   BADASS scream solo.  I’m gonna listen to this on my own time to take notes on your excellent composition skills.  

Ben And The Angel Fish:  The music box sounds in the background was a good choice,  they kept that light reminder of creepiness while the piano was free to explore its own progression.  I liked that you switched up the singers,  but it felt like the dynamics between the two vocal styles were too different from each other.  My only complaint.

Adam Sakellarides:  The lyrics are entertaining.  I like that they follow a storyline in the horror theme without necessarily having to be scary.  A dreamed up song of a musician is the worst nightmare of a realtor.  The musical composition I thought was a bit TOO playful though.  It was upbeat and fun, which didn’t set the stage for the story being told.  

Jutze:  This is great!  Could you imagine the horror? Just kidding, just kidding.  I don’t know what could have inspired you to take this approach, but its definitely unique.  I laughed, and I never laugh.  The aspect I really enjoyed was the composition switching rhythm styles, which kept the song staying fresh.  VeeeeEERRRrry SpppooOoOOky.

Kolton Holbrook:  Very intense.  I listened to this on headphones so I could get the full effect of the panning of each sound, which felt like it was rushing through my head and bringing chaos to my sanity.  An effect that would surely convince any Schizo to board up their windows and cut their phone lines.  This was a great production, from your use of sounds to cutting up the samples.  The lyrics were creepy, though I didn’t think the vocals themselves fit the song well.

Jailhouse Payback:  It seems like the theme was lost on this one.  I guess I could kind of see the direction you were going toward, but it wasn’t horror or scary.  It was more of a sad song lyrically, with upbeat instrumentals.

Megalodon:  Hell yea Buddy!  At first I was thinking you had completely missed the point, but instead you were just taking a very creative approach to the song.  It took me by great surprise.  Not only is this in the horror theme, but it takes the happiness from other themes and rips it apart.  I was so glad you had the verse with the little girl having her parents destroyed by Belphegor,  a fear that most children experience at some point.  Musically, this was top notch. In both styles included in the song it was pleasant to listen to.  It sounds like you put some real work into this production.

Army Defense:  The quality of the song was great, but it flew by the horror theme.  It was very driven and upbeat.  Almost cheerful, despite the lyrics which were good but not in-depth enough to deliver the message.  I got that there is a young girl who gets a job at an asylum, and then….something happens.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Maybe I’m just being dense.  

Edric Haleen:  I was really hoping that someone would take the approach that you did by making a terrifying lullaby.  I think that this is what makes a true horror song.  You invite the listeners in with feelings of placidity and comfort just to feed their imaginations with fear.  If I heard this as a child, it would stay with me for the years to come.  Great use of vocals in the last verse showing the uncertainty in that there is nothing to fear.

The Boffo Yux Dudes:  I instantly felt the terror being painted around me with the demonic whispers, which were a perfect segue into the song.  This song incapsulates the horror sound perfectly.  When it got to the last verse I could feel the chills as the vocals got more erratic.  The lyrics bring the imagery of hell directly to the listeners ears.  The dog with the backwards facing head.  Idk what that is, but I don’t want it coming to my room! Good work.

James Young:  Excellent use of organ.  It fits that spooky feeling, giving the sound a solid platform to tell your horror story.  I enjoyed the lyrics being used as a narrative.  My only complaint would be the switch to a major upbeat chord progression in the chorus.  

Charlie McCarron:  There is a very Tom Waitsy feel to the instrumentals in this, which I like.  The atmospheric reverberation and use of instruments brings that horror vibe out, especially after the last verse when discord and warped timing come to shake things up.  The vocals and lyrics fit comfortably with the sound making this a great example of halloween music.  

Dreiviertel Drei:  As with one of the other songs in this list, I am a fan of taking the lullaby approach to horror songs.  It tricks you into feeling safe, only to be get close enough to show you horrors.  One aspect of this song I really liked was it’s folklore feeling.  I don’t know if this is based on any traditional legends, but if not, it created a new tale for children to scare their younger siblings with.  When they wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, they will hear “Schnipp, schnapps, finger ab” running through their heads.  Great work again!

Governing Dynamics:  This song is definitely spooky sounding.  It’s slow,  it’s atmospheric, and relatively minor sounding, but the lyrics lack that horror theme.  Perhaps the concept is there, but they don’t deliver enough to create the sense that this is horror.  The vocal performance and music did however.

Buckethat Bobby:  I could easily hear this on a halloween compilation album.  I don’t know what it is about accordions that are so horrifying, but they work great for music in this genre.  You’re song writing on this reminds me a lot of more traditional scary songs, like “The Hearse Song”.  Excellent work meeting the theme!

Atom & EV:  I’ve always been a fan of the phantom trucker songs.  I hadn’t realized how popular they were.  When you start singing you make it very easy to get invested in the story and follow along.  Your voice fits perfectly for this song.  The chorus melody seemed a little awkward until the “In the demon rig’s domain”.  You told a great classic horror tale with this one!

Dr. Lindyke:  This sounds like a real piano.  It has that slightly out of tune sound which is great for creepy songs like this.  I like the simplicity of this song instrumentally. Just a piano and vocals, with great dynamic intensity.  It builds wonderfully throughout with a progression to raise the hairs on anyone’s neck.  Excellent ending with “I will bury you again”.  Very chilling.

Melissa Leona:  Right away I was swept into a grave yard to hear the ghostly orchestra play the song of the dead.  The horror mood was definitely set by this composition, and what terrifying lyrics too.  Come along with me young child, I will take care of you after you kill your parents.  This is a perfect song to commit parricide to.  Great work.

Emperor Gum:  Like a play incorporating props and backdrops to create the scene, you bring in the right sounds to create a visual landscape in my head.  The music is spot on. Its complex and transitions excellently from one creepy section to the next.  The vocals don’t seem to fit in place as well as I had hoped.  I was a big fan of your song in the last round.  All in all,  I was entertained by this spooky song.  

Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies:  This was an interesting approach to a real life horror story that unfortunately effects many US citizens.  When the heavy distortion came in I felt a chill run through me.  There might have been a bit too much distortion, it hurt to listen to after a bit.  I stuck through it to hear the rest of the creative lyrics.  I enjoyed your lyrical take on the horror theme.  

Domingo:  Wow, this is unique.  Something about cathedral choir chanting is chilling.  You did a great job meeting all the different vocal melodies and harmonies, while delivering a biblical revelation.  This song definitely stands out.

David J:  Musically, this was a bit chaotic and slacking in structure.  There was just strange timing.  I liked the instruments and sounds you used which created a creepy vibe, as well as the Vincent Prince like story telling.  I think tightening up the timing could push this song to the next level.  

Ross Durand:  This song is definitely in the horror theme though it’s not scary.  Only because putting horror lyrics over metal instrumentals creates a new beast all together.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I liked that you quickly transition from a sweet lullaby to a quick trip to hell.

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