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Saturday, February 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 2 Reviews: MC Ohm-I

I feel like this round should be renamed to the “Add Spooky Echo Reverb” round. This was definitely a difficult round to judge. I AIN'T NEVER SCARED. 

#1 Pete Murphy
That sudden chord change progression after the first two lines though. At first, I thought it was off-key. After the second time, I caught myself and realized what actually happened. This song is well produced and that break is pretty awesome. Well done, sir.

#2 Megaladon
This song is GREAT! I was wondering why it was so happy and that change is so well timed and hilarious. The switching is so great. ESPECIALLY that second time around. This is well executed for sure and definitely a step up from the last round. I also like how you included the happy side theme in that last instrumental break. 

#3 Zoe Gray
Yo....build a time machine and put this on the radio in the early 2000s and you'll definitely make some money. Maybe not enough to cover the expenses of building the time machine but it still might be worth it. Basically, this song is pretty great. My only recommendation would have been to compress the vocals a bit more.

#4 James Young
This song made me want to go buy Guitar Hero or Rockband. It definitely sounds like a track one could find in one of those games. This song is pretty great overall. Classic rock isn't really in my spectrum of music but this is perfectly executed for the style that it is and I honestly can't make any suggestions for improvement.

#5 Charlie McCarron
The feel of this song is amazing. I haven't been in a jazz band in a long time and I can't remember the last time I've heard a bossa nova feel in any type of music. I am glad that the production used in the instrumental break near the end was done so well because you avoided a lot of potential clashing. I listen to the songs on ATH-M50s and I can hear pretty much every aspect of that break clearly in a way you couldn't hear in regular headphones. Great job.

#6 Jutze 
This song had me cracking up. This was definitely well executed. I had to go back to listen to some Edric Haleen again to get some of the references. This is possibly the first time I've heard a song written about another contestant (but I've only been around for a few competitions).  You also have a comical voice and it definitely added to the tone of this song. Good stuff.

#7 Ross Durand
Well done. The “happy” to “devilish” transition came a lot faster than I expected but I think had it been any longer, the track would have been drawn out. This is a great track overall.

#8 Dreiviertei Drei
Well, this was creepy. This song has that sing-along feel you'd find in a lot of horror movies involving kids and I can see that's exactly what you were aiming for. This was well done and definitely a step up from the last round.

#9 Dr. Lindyke
I can't remember what I did it for but when I was in high school, I wrote some silly song to a very close version of this chord progression. It was surprising to hear it again. The buildups are time very well and those particular chords and words at the end definitely complete the feel of the whole track. Well done.

#10 Buckethat Bobby
Definitely a step up from last round. I think this track could have used some well-placed dual or 3-part harmonies to stand out. Maybe some low pitch changes on the laughter (not super cheesy pitch change though). Basically, anything that would have sounded different than the main voice. Other than that, well done.

#11 Edric Haleen
This was THE hardest song to place. I tried to take it for what it is and not what I expected to happen to the orchestral buildup but I was having a hard time not anticipating some grand....thing. Also, since the feel of this track is different than any others, it might even very difficult to rank this. I might have ranked higher had there been some apex to the track.

#12 Domingo
Well, this is a new approach. I don't think I've seen a song in Spintunes that was written in movements. That being said, well the idea is great, I think it could have been executed better. I think the key element of taking this approach is to make sure your harmonies are on point and hearing some of the off-key parts takes away from the track (since there's nothing to cover them up). 

#13 Melissa Leona
Once again, your voice is AMAZING. However, the instrumental is not. You might have been better off doing the whole track like how the last 40 seconds sounded. Your voice gets lost in everything else for most of the track and because the background is so repetitive, the melody doesn't hit as hard as it could if it had followed along with your voice. Your harmonies are off the chain, though.

#14 Jailhouse Payback
I did my first playthrough of all this rounds' tracks in the car with my girlfriend. Coincidentally, we were talking about how the majority of country music sounds the same is usually about a girl, truck, dog or guitar. Then this song came on and that southern twang in the accent in the first line had us cracking up. This track is definitely radio worthy. Good job.

#15 Governing Dynamics
Another track that I'd expect to hear on Guitar Hero. I wasn't sure how to feel about this track. It's done well but I'm not sure anything about it sticks out. But yeah...Guitar Hero, for sure.

#16 Army Defense
Woah...what plugin was used for those opening harmonies (if any)? That was pretty great. This song was difficult to place. Both instrumentally and vocally, I think it sits comfortably in the middle of all the other tracks. I've been watching a lot of B-horror movies lately and this is probably the most upbeat song I've heard meant to be for one.

#17 Atom & EV
I like the voice on this track a lot. Although, I wish there was something to break the repetition. The ending line of “demon's rig domain” would have sounded AMAZING is there were some layered voices on top of the main one. That probably would have knocked this track up a spot or two had it been executed even at a mediocre level. 

#18 Emperor Gum
Your composition skill here is well demonstrated. However, I think the whole song falls flat because it lacks any dynamics. It sound like everything is the same level and it's generally quiet. I would have placed this higher if wasn't so flat

#19 Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies
I see what you guys did here. I thought the whole concept was funny and I, all of people, can appreciate this comedic approach. However, within this round, I don't think it fits well with the nature of the challenge as well as the majority of the songs do. Not that it doesn't satisfy the challenge but I'm just not seeing it ranking as high as most of the other tracks.

#20 Ben And The Angel Fish
You guys undoubtedly fulfilled the challenge this time. There are some things that bothered me rhythmically but it doesn't really the whole song. It was mostly the non-matching rhythm of the parts that sound like the first two lines. I think there might have been a better flow if the syllables were lined up. Does that make sense?

#21 Adam Sakellarides
Super dope chord progression in the chorus for this challenge. I almost want to steal it and make a hip hop beat out of it. I had a hard time placing this track because it's instrumentally but its vocally lacking.  I realize that the song is supposed to be a simple and catchy tune (and it is) but I might have placed this higher if it had more....sparkle, I suppose.

#22 Boffo Yux Dudes
I wasn't really feeling this track at all. It felt super generic and nothing about it particularly stood out. Even the time signature change towards the end was pretty meh. The song meets the challenge but I think at a very minimal level.

#23 David J
There's a whole bunch of “spooky” elements here: heartbeat, music box sounds and a child's voice. However, I feel like everything was kinda just thrown together. It doesn't really invoke the feeling that I believe you were going for. The attempted inflections in the voice doesn't really help either.

#24 Kolton H
Noooooooo. What happened here? Personally, I think the use of mostly samples is a step down from your last round. Also, the off-key singing interjections doesn't help much. I was looking forward to hearing your track this round and although it completes the challenge, it doesn't really feel like a song I would go back and listen to again.

#25 Jurek Mika
I'm not really sure what's going on here. The song is near unintelligible and I can't make out any of the words without following the lyrics in text. Even then, there isn't much rhythm vocally.  

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