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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 2 Songs

Ok...I'm probably too scared to sleep now after that LP.  Nice work everyone.  Tom managed to once again do a fine job hosting even though he had work stuff on his plate.  So thanks Tom!

The songs are now available for FREE download. Until the round 3 songs are posted I will only allow people to download the round 2 album as a whole. But even after that, PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs while the contest is on going. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download. We had 25 total songs turned in before the deadline & we had 4 shadows. The judges will not be eliminating anyone this round (unless there is a DQ), but they will be reviewing & scoring you as usual. Good luck to you all, and well done!

(Album cover by Matt Schubbe)

- Judges & guest judges need to turn in their reviews & rankings by February 7th before noon (Sat).

- Reviews & scores will be posted February 7th before 11PM (Sat).

- February 8th 1AM (Sun) the Third Challenge will be announced.

Videos: If anyone wants to make a VIDEO for their song, I will include it here:

"Today's The Day" by Gemini Blvd. (Inverse T. Clown cover)

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  1. https://plus.google.com/105482709915867271607/posts/4MYaKY6KSP4

    Emperor Gum bio

  2. I thought I had posted our song bio, but apparently I forgot! http://www.mickbordet.com/2015/02/schnipp-schnapp/