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Saturday, February 21, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 3 Reviews: Brent Brown

I first stumbled onto Brent's YouTube channel back in May of 2010.  Back then I used to do "YouTube Treasure Hunts".  I basically just typed "Original Song" into the YouTube search engine, and looked for undiscovered artists.  After finding a handful of favorites, I would feature them on my blog.  I found Brent when doing my 12th post in this series (it was also the first time I found SpinTunes champion Jenny Katz).  Since then I've kept an eye on his YouTube channel, and I'm happy that he agreed to guest judge this round.  While you read, you should play one of his more recent videos. - Spin


Edric Haleen - The Land Of No Punctuation 
Very good at piano, tasteful dynamics, and tempo shifts! I loved it. Absolutely killed the rambling. Awesome Song!

Jailhouse Payback - Reflections In My Eggs 
Great production value. Great melody and harmonies. The rambling was fairly rambliscious. Loved the song overall.

Governing Dynamics - Recursion
I really dug the call and response and lyrics of this song. Melody was fairly strong.

Ross Durand - Catch Me
I liked your song a lot. Great job Ross.

Jutze - Squirrel 
Interesting. Very interesting.. Is this a polka? Pretty hilarious chorus:P Nice rambling.

Adam Sakellarides - Too Verbose
You slayed the rambling, but it was a bit too talky for me. I dug the chorus. The recording itself was veryyy compressed, felt like my head was getting squeezed listening through headphones.

Pete Murphy - Liars
Did great with the flowing lyrics. Guitar shredding sounded dope.

Ben Taggart - How Was Your Day? (Shadow) 
Too talky. It was a great effort at the round though. I would have dug if it was just more melodic.

Charlie McCarron - The Animal Song (AKA The Battle For Life) 
I liked the vibe of the song a lot. Cool concept man.

Ominous Ride - After Happily Ever After (Shadow)
Good song. Cool tone/vibe. It didn’t really shine as a rambling song though.

Dreiviertel Drei - Socksual 
Pretty good song. Just didn’t fit this round as much as I would have liked.

Megalodon - You Need To Know
Very Phishy! I loved the jam.

Dr. Lindyke - No Time For Dreams 
It was a pretty good song. Just didn’t shine as far as the rambling goes.

Atom & EV - Conspiracy Theory 
Interesting lyrics. It was very rambly. Really not much musically going on. It could have some more melodic movement, maybe a bridge.

Kolton H. - Muse Of The Machine 
Cool song yo. As far as a song writing contest, it feels like this song was already made, not intended for this round.

James Young - Last Words 
I dug the song. I think it missed the point of this round a bit though.

Zoe Gray - When The Rain Falls
Good song. Didn’t fit this round unfortunately.

The Boffo Yux Dudes - Love You
I Liked the melody/progression. But there was no rambling to be heard.

Jurek Mika - Yagi [Parte Uno]
....no comment.

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