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Saturday, February 21, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 3 Reviews: MC Ohm-I

I tried to turn down my grammar nazi-ness for this. I think I succeeded. Also, sad to see some of the people in the first two rounds are no longer here. See sad faces here ----> :(    :(    :(     :(

#1 Edric Haleen
Breathe, man. This was great. Definitely a top song and there's not much that can be said about it that can't be heard simply from listening to it. Pretty intense stuff. Also, that inclusion of “period” at the end was definitely chuckle worthy.

#2 Pete Murphy
Super catchy rhythm. Not that I knew the words after I listened to the song but I was definitely repeating the rhythm with random words I was making up. Overall, this song is amazing. Keep at it!

#3 Jutze
This track concept is great. I've seen videos of Europeans attempting to pronounce “squirrel” and it's hilarious. That being said, this track plays on the fact really well and manages to complete the challenge in a great way. Awesome song!

#4 Adam Sakellarides
Good track. Definitely more on the “spoken word” side and that's not a bad thing. You told an interesting story that included relevance to the nature of the challenge and managed to complete the challenge very well. Also, the chorus is a bit catchy. Good stuff.

#5 Ross Durand
First thing I really noticed about this track was that you ended a rhyme with “purple”. That aside, besides Edric, I think this song had one of the longest actual run-on sentences. Another great track that includes the nature of the challenge into your song topic. Great track.

#6 Dreiviertel Drei
The first thing I noticed about this song was the use of a dash. You guys were the only ones to use that in order to extend your sentences and I thought that was pretty clever. The topic is pretty hilarious and executed very well.

#7 Dr. Lindyke
Hearing this threw me off after hearing Jutze's track right before it. Maybe it was the difference in tempo. Not sure. Anyway, that has nothing to do with your particular review. I just really don't have much to say. Nothing stick outs but nothing is bad about it either. Completes the challenge but in reference to the other tracks, it just feels very mediocre. Having a hard time saying that considering there's really nothing wrong with this track.

#8 Governing Dynamics
One thing that bothered me about this track was that the switching of voices broke the consistency of any sentences. So I tried reading the lyrics while listening and  I noticed that instead of a run-on sentence with normal punctuation (or lack thereof), it was more of a run-on sentence with a bunch of semicolons. Not sure if that was intentional or not but that's the way I see it. Anyway, it was an overall good. I think I might have ranked higher if the consistency between sentences were there.

#9 Zoe Gray
I noticed the inclusion of a lot of conjunctions in an attempt to make the sentences longer but the delivery doesn't make it seem like run-on sentences. For example, “and when the rain fell down” seems like a small attempt to extend the sentence but I think it falls short. Also, the actual run-on sentences were pretty short. The song itself wasn't bad at all though. I just don't think it fulfills the challenges as well as other songs.

#10 Kolton H.
Maaaan....I wish there was a second verse. The majority of the song appeared to be instrumental. That seems really counter-productive to completing the challenge. With less instrumental and more words, I would've ranked higher. The song was not bad as is; it's just not as fulfilling as it could have been.

#11 Megalodon
There's only one thing about the run-on sentence structure that bothered me but nothing that's challenge-breaking. “Because of everything on this list/is something you should know” is a really weird transition of a sentence (even if meant to be run-on). Overall, great song.
#12 Boffo Yux Dudes
I see what you did here. I was looking at the lyrics as I started listening to this and I think the format in which they were written confused me. After a second look, I noticed that the entire song was indeed a run-on sentence. However, I feel like the song kinda just dragged along and I found myself more interested in figuring out the continuity of the words than listening to the track.

#13 James Young
This was DIFFICULT to rank. Mostly because I wasn't sure about if it was truly run-on. To me, there's two sentences in the first verse as well as two in the second. With just a few simple changes, I would've ranked this higher. For example, instead of “just sees a madman”, saying “and sees a madman” would've make that a lot more definitive.

#14 Jailhouse Payback
Another track where the “run-on” is interrupted by a small break. It makes it hard for me to rank as high as those who had one notably consistent run-on sentence. That's not to say your sentences WEREN'T run-on sentences. It's just that the break kinda ruins the flows.

#15 Jurek Mika
Well....this is definitely a run-on sentence. The lack of rhythm and proper mixing bothered me at first. Then I realized that a “spoken word” track was probably the simplest approach to completing this challenge. That really made this song hard to place, considering it was the third song on the list.

#16 Charlie McCarron
I'm very iffy about these “run-on” sentences. The song is comical and not bad at all. However, I don't feel like any of what I think was attempted to be “run-on” weren't really that long at all. For example, the first verse is a run-on but it's so short that it's hardly admissible. Also, the sections that include the chorus don't seem run-on at all although I feel like it was attempted (like the “screw you” parts). Had this been different, this track would have ranked much higher.

#17 Atom & EV
I don't think there's much run-on here. There's way too many independent clauses to say that there are any particular run-on sentences. Although it sounded like you were trying to say them mostly in one breath, it didn't really help. Still sounded like a bunch of different clauses.

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