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Saturday, February 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 2 Reviews: Walt Ribeiro

Walt has guest judged once in the past, and I'm always glad to get him involved. He's actually working on a SpinTunes related project right now (TTD), so you'll be hearing more from him soon.  His reviews haven't yet made my inbox, but I do have his rankings.  I'll include the reviews here soon.  For now...give a listen to some of his work.


01. Megalodon - Daddy Daughter Day
I thought the little kid in the 2nd verse had a nice "creepy" segway into the heavy chorus. i also thought this one had the best melody of all the selections.

02. Ross Durand - Lullaby?
This struck me as comical more than anything. The creepy lyrics and distraction from the soft lullaby intro was unexpected, I enjoyed it a lot.

03. "BucketHat" Bobby - Back From Hell
This one was fantastic. and I had a tough time choosing between my top 5 picks. Vocals were well recorded, the instrumentation was fun, the bells were creepy, and the lyrics were cool. I also liked the word "nemesis" in the lyrics because it reminded me of JoCo "Nemeses".

04. Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies - Tea Party
This was one of the only one to use chimes for an intro and it was very effective. The valley girl and then demonic lyrics were neat. I would like to have seen this as a video because I think it would be fun.

05. Army Defense - Asylum Nights
This didn't sound creepy nor rob zombie.

06. Ben And The Angel Fish - Slaughterhouse Of Misery
This one just had no dramatic beat to it, and the lifeless vocals got tiring after a while.

07. David J - Sleep Child Sleep
I loved the heartbeat in the background, but the song just had no structure. I understand that was the effect they were going for, but it was too much in that direction.

08. Charlie McCarron - Knock At Your Door
I loved this one, but the chorus' style wasn't too different from the verse. I also wasn't in love with the recorded vocals, and I wondered why the melodic whistling wasn't sprinkled throughout the song.

09. James Young - She's A Monster
I enjoyed this beat, the guitar solo, and it certainly had the best recorded vocals of the selections.

10. Atom & EV - The Demon Rig
Not creepy.

11. Jailhouse Payback - The Doomed Guitar
Well recorded, but it just didn't catch me or take me to another place.

12. Kolton Holbrook - Insanity's Requiem
I couldn't get past the way the vocals were recorded.

13. Jutze - Being Edric Haleen
This didn't strike me as either "creepy doll"-ish or rob zombie-ish. I also wanted the chorus to take me somewhere else, and the piano was quite unadventurous.

14. Jurek Mika - Scream Funk
The intro was so long I eventually gave up.

15. Dr. Lindyke - Happy Anniversary My Darling
I wanted the bass to be bigger and more prominent to give it a "creepier" feel. This one also had no rob zombie feel to it.

16. Pete Murphy - Josephine
I liked this one but I wanted the music to have more of a pulse. The block chords got tiring after a bit. The vocals sounded good, and I loved the lyrical story but was left wondering how he let Josephine down.

17. The Boffo Yux Dudes - Uninvited Guest
I loved the falsetto vocals and bass line. I just didn't think a rock opera vibe worked best for this entry. Although I enjoyed it at times.

18. Zoe Gray - Grave
I wanted more percussion (maybe bongos? creepy chimes?) and more bass.

19. Adam Sakellarides - For Sale
Not creepy enough.

20. Emperor Gum - Express
I thought the intro was way too long, although I liked the strings in the back at times, but I would have liked something more melodic.

21. Governing Dynamics - To The Honorable Charles W. Yancy
This just didn't strike me as creepy.

22. Melissa Leona - Come With Me
The harmonies were beautiful and I loved the idea of using scary vocals as a backing track. But it didn't go anywhere after it got me excited.

23. Edric Haleen - Sweet Dreams
It established an uneasy tone, but then it didn't go anywhere.

24. Dreiviertel Drei - Schnipp Schnapp
This one just went way over my head. It didn't have much musical structure. Maybe that was intended, but 2 minutes was a long time for no structure. Although I liked how creepy this sounded at times, but I just wanted it to grab my attention.

25. Domingo - 4 Madrigals For Lilith
At first I didn't like this one, but it eventually grew on me. The ending is what bothered me, although I liked the major resolution.

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