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Saturday, February 21, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 3 Reviews: The Dreamstalks

1.Edric Haleen, Land Of No Punctuation - I love this so much.  Being comedic fake childrens band this just excites every part of me. Utterly nailed it, theme, style, musicality. For me this was a home run.
2. Adam Sakellarides, Too Verbose - very fun, reminded me of old school bare naked ladies and they might be giants. Clever lyrics and a lot of fun. Ps I love audio books as well
3.Charlie McCarron, The Animal Song - yeah fuck animals. This was a fun song for me. Good commitment to theme challenge and an overall fun and clever song
4. Kolton H., Muse Of The Machine - Youre a good lyricist, but no one would know that based on how heavy the robot voice effect is. Don’t get rid of it it makes the song what it is, but I would love to hear it less affected to we can enjoy the words. Loved the break down around the 2 minute mark.
5. Zoe Gray, When The Rain Falls - very enjoyable musically, ill be honest I was having a little trouble following the story of the song this week. This could be a result of trying to stick to the long sentence challenge
6. Jutze, Squirrel - it's nice to hear a non depressing german nationality song. Would have loved to have had an accordion or tuba solo to break up the song and give listeners a small break from non stop lyrics but other than that nice job.
7. Pete Murphy, Liars - love The high energy. Ya hit me in a very nostalgic place with that. Over all a fun song that makes me feel like It would be part of a power rangers montage which coming from me is a good thing.
8. Governing Dynamics, Recursion - also very nostalgic, reminded sort of the same vein as Bush’s Glycerine. The one criticism I wish that at one point the song would open up a little more. Much of the last 3rd of the song felt like a build up which never crescendoed
9. Jailhouse Payback, Reflections - in my eggs- nice song, good choice breaking it up with a guitar solo. Also enjoyed the “in my second sentence” call out to the song contest theme.
10. Ross Durand, Catch Me - Very 90’s. fun and nostalgic, I was worried at the beginning you would fall into the trap with the run on sentences of keeping the song very uneventful, but there were a lot of pleasant surprises in this song and a great transition from verse to chorus.
11. James Young, Last Words - vocal effects too heavy, I like what you are going for but it becomes distracting. You have to listen too closely to make out the words. Enjoyed the end a lot. Needed that pay off with the repetitiveness of the rest of the song
12. The Boffo Yux Dudes, Love You - very ethereal, I feel like im sitting in a pine forest with my retro fairy queen. Watch the tune on the harmonies, the wavery voice thing is fun but becomes too much if you go flat.
13. Megalodon, You Need To Know - Primus much. I am impressed by the musicianship and application of music theory and technique in this song. That being said its something that the average listener might have a problem with listening too regularly. NYU and Berkley kids will love it.
14. Ben Taggert, How Was Your Day - well you certainly got the run on sentence thing. Thank you for increasing the speed at the end. Reminded me of old Arlo Guthrie, alices restaurant style
15. Dr. Linkdyke , No Time For Dreams - would have loved a break from the 4 chord structure. It’s a lot to take for 4 and a half minutes. That being said really enjoyed the story telling structure of the song.
16. Jurek Mika, Yagi [Parte Uno] - This song feels like the most fucked up heroin meth trip ever, complete with drowning and hooker blood and male one male facials.  You nailed the long run on sentence thing, but that didn’t mean the song had to be the exact same from start to finish.
17. Dreiviertel Drei, Socksual - nice little mandolin back there. Who doesn’t love nice warm socks.  Performace wise you were flat for most of the song, I feel like this is a stylistic choice but I don’t feel like it lends itself to the song.
18. Ominous Ride, After Happily Ever After - this song went on and on. Really needs some musical change. I lost interest half way in. tried to get back into it but it never changed.
19. Atom And EV, Conspircay Theory - crazy repetitive and monotonous. I know this is what you are going for with the robot voice and what not but just not my cup of tea. The song went no where and then even faded out at the end, not even giving me the satisfaction of it being over.

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