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Saturday, February 7, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 2 Reviews: The Dreamstalks

1. Jutze - Being Edric Haleen (Whoa! LOVE this first set of lyrics. Catchy. Fun. Fast. Your vocals are so wonderful and we love your voice transformations. You’re having fun. And that makes US have fun. Your storytelling is remarkable and the addition of your sweet piano skills is a fantastic plus for your audience. 

2. Edric Haleen - Sweet Dreams (Oh my god…stop. We are terrified already. We can’t. Okay. You win. YOU WIN. STOP! We can’t wait to sing this to our future children. Nothing gets kids to do what you want better than fear, amiright? Also, the bassoon. Nice. The build for this song is intense. It took us 20 years to stop worrying about monsters under the bed…and now we are back to square one. Also, nice last words people say when they are about to die. Oh god, a door just opened)

3. Megalodon - Daddy Daughter Day (Okay, okay, we are swaying back and forth and tappin’ our foot. The fuzziness and static at the beginning is a tad distracting. HOLY HELL THIS SONG JUST TOOK A TURN AND NOW WE ARE SCARED!!! Oh my gosh and it just changed back to the sweet child and we definitely cracked up. We applaud you on your take on this theme. Super creative. Super dark and twisted. Let’s never go to the beach or…anywhere by ourselves together, okay?

4. Army Defense - Asylum Nights (Nice vocals guys. We are bopping’ and shaking’ over here. We feel like this totally Night Of The Living Dead meets The Ventures. Poor Jessica. Gurl SHOULD NOT have taken that job! 

5. Domingo - 4 Madrigals For Lilith (Oh. My. God. This is awesome. The whispers…ahhh scary. Your harmonies….AMAZING and gorgeous. This prayer is incredibly unique and we haven’t heard anything like it. The transitions you chose turned this into a “Scary Song”. It’s ethereal and spiritual which reminds us of the unknown. Which leads us to fear. Which is scary. Very nice. 

6. Ominous Ride - White Rose (Wow. Lovely chorus. It took us awhile to get into the song. But when the bridge came around we were feeling’ it more and more. You have nice build here. The lyrics are pretty dark. Which is good. We like that. You’re OBVIOUSLY a serial killer with boy next door charm. Good take not he theme. 

7. Dreiviertel Drei - Schnipp Schnapp (You know what ALWAYS wins in a scary song. Xylophone. It’s the scariest of ALL the instruments. We love this lullaby quality your song has. Very childlike. And you know what also wins in a scary song. CHILDREN. They are horrifying. Oh my god, WHERE ARE HIS THUMBS! This, sir, is the new lullaby for a horror film all about kids from the 1800’s that had their thumbs cut off when they sang this song because it opened up another dimension that let this crazy ghost in.

8. The Boffo Yux Dudes - Uninvited Guest (WhhhaAAATTtttTT is happening??! Terrifying whispers! Freddie Mercury?! Is that you?! From the grave?! Nice take on the theme. Love your range and passion and excitement with the vocals. It’s so great to hear some inhibition and freeness to explore! 

9. “BucketHat” Boddy - Back From Hell (Very impressed by the opening of this song. Your chosen style for this theme is so creative. We feel like this would be in the Italian version of Sweeney Todd. This is a terrifying song, so…well done. 

10. Atom & Ev - The Demon Rig (Ohhhhh, YES! Tell us story, son! While this is not the first time we’ve heard this kind of tune, we are ones to appreciate it. You took some TIME writing this. And that we tip our hat to. This is super creative and we can tell you you worked hard writing it. This is a sweet campfire song. Well done. 

11. Melissa Leona - Come With Me (WHAT is happening at the top?! We are scared. These sounds. Oh my gosh. This is a compliment, trust us! You have a great voice and we are so glad to see the way you transformed it to make it scary. The levels, the harmonies and mixes, the addition of these crazy sounds made this song so much more than just a girl who can riff. It’s creative and musically impressive. Nice take on the theme. 

12. Charlie McCarron - Knock At Your Door (Niiiiiice. Love this 60’s jam vibe you got going on. It’s like sexy scary song. Good take on the theme. The whispers are a nice touch. Way to scare the hell out of your protagonist! Of course , YOU’RE not scared! Organ. Cool. Whistling. Very Cool. 

13. Emperor Gum - Express (Love the addition of the “scary sounds”. The vocals levels are are tad high but not completely taking us out of the song. The strings song lovely and we love the transition into rock. It was a beautiful mix. At some points the vocals and the track do not match up. It feels as those the track is faster than the lyrics. We like the lyrics and your take not the theme. Last train home. Scary. 

14. Dr. Lindyke - Howl In The Family (Another good campfire song. Your lyrics are super cute and creative. It happy and endearing. A family full of terrifying underworld creatures but ya make it work. The song is catchy and beat makes us want to dance. We love that you took time to create this story and the upbeat manner you chose for this theme. 

15. Pete Murphy - Josephine (Gorgeous. Your voice. The chords. Your choice of instrumentals. Awesome. We would have loved to see you do more with the lyrics.  We want to know more about Josephine and that relationship. Holy hell, the ending?! Terrifying. 

16. James Young - She’s A Monster (Nice beat. We love this sound of yours. You have this great sultry voice. You have this ability of feeling your lyrics. Not everyone can do it. NICE GUITAR SOLO! We really love this rock song you’ve created. You’re lyrics are beautifully interwoven and multidimensional. 

17. Governing Dynamics - To The Honorable Charles W. Yancy, From Your Admirers (Wow. Beautiful song with gorgeous vocals. Love the beats. We would have loved to see a little more horror in the tune and vocals. We wanted to be scared a little. Granted, this is an amazing song and deep and passionate. There are traces of “scary” in there but we didn’t feel it within your vocals. 

18. Caleb Hines - Buried Alive (Me oh my! There is a STORY at the beginning of THIS song. Gorgeous. And we feel something. This is very interesting and might we say, a risk you took by creating a song with no lyrics. You took this classic take on “scary” and that’s inventive. It truly is a beautiful orchestration and has a wonderful build. 

19. Zoe Gray - Grave (Child’s laugh. We mean, you got to have it in a scary song. This is a beautiful song and sung so angelically. We totally feel like this should be on the Buffy soundtrack. We see how this fits within the “Scary Song” genre but felt that a little more fear could have been added. It’s a great song but (and this is gonna sound CRAZY) make it a little uglier. Don’t be afraid of being creepy and exploring all the sounds your body and voice can make. 

20. Ross Durand - Lullaby? (Rock lullaby? Why not? There’s a bit of comedy in the transitions (which we are always partial to) with the sweet versus loud, terrifying rock. It’s like Alice Cooper singing your kid to sleep. You’ve got a nice balance when the rock part hits. It’s not overly offensive (meaning loudness or inability to understand the lyrics). Nice. 

21. Ben And The Angel Fish - Slaughterhouse Of Misery (Well, we are already in love with the “Halloween-esque” style you have taken at the top. When female vocals come in, they are at different levels. The males vocals have this ethereal, mystical sound. The females are flat. We would have loved to have hers get that same attention. The lyrics are DEFINITELY terrifying and let’s all pray nothing like this happens to any of us. 

22. Adam Sakellarides - For Sale (This song seems simple but it’s so catchy and adorable. You should sell this song to realtors. Totally on point with the theme. Great idea.)

23. Dr. Lindyke - Happy Anniversary My Darling (Beautiful piano. Nice ballad. This is quite lovely. We feel ya, man. You sing with intense passion. That’s a refreshing thing to hear. While this is a gorgeous song, we felt it didn’t fit in entirely with the “Scary Song” genre. We could see the Phantom Of The Opera or Nosferatu singing this but we wanted a little more fear in the song. 

24. David J - Sleep Child Sleep (The instrumental and vocal do not match up. It’s really just the speed of the xylophone versus the vocals. It takes us out of the song a little. When the male voice appears, it almost like its Spoken Word and there just shouldn’t be any instrumental. This is well written and creative and terrifying and we totally feel you there. Nice take on the theme. 

25. Kolton Holbrook - Insanity’s Requiem (Welcome to Club Horror! Your cadence and vocal level is pretty one dimensional. We would love to hear a change or more intensity in your voice. We thought the addition of the news/information track was great and creative. 

26. Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies - Tea Party (Right off, we would have loved to have an actual child sing these first lyrics. Only because you reference the 15 years later. When things start getting intense, the vocals don’t really match the track. It’s also hard to hear the daughter. We think this is an amazing take on the theme. Would you rather your daughter some home and say she’s pregnant or voting for Sarah Palin? Eeesh! 

27. Jailhouse Payback - The Doomed Guitar (Right of the bat, love your tune. We really enjoyed this mix of country and rock. While this is a GREAT song, super catchy and toe tapping’, we didn’t feel it fit in with the genre of “Scary Song”. This is a song we want to go line dancing to, not hear in a horror house. 

28. Jurek Mika - Scream Funk (At first, we were all “Yeah, we in the club.” but then it felt super muddled and unmixed. The vocals do not match the beat and are hard to understand. We felt the echo came a tad late. This is definitely a scary song and would terrify the shit out of us if we heard it while we were being tortured in a maniacs house, so…well done there. We would have loved to see just a little more consistency within the song as opposed to jumbled vocals and beats. 

29. The Masked Stranger - Oh So Under Zyvytehliahtysrecht (Sooooo, how do you pronounce that name. And we are having a little bit of trouble understanding what you’re saying. Thank god the lyrics have been provided. This is definitely terrifying. Are these all these that are in the lyrics just moments of sheer horror? We love a good heavy metal song and it certainly fits into the theme.

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